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Speaking German isn't in my wheelhouse, but I know a Jordan Hulls jumper when I see one. #iubb

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Join us now with Martha the mop lady as we discuss #iubb and more!

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Hoosier Heartland Podcast talking IU men's basketball and other programs with Martha the Mop Lady (@TheMopLady)

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#iubb #iufb #iuwbb

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IU basketball: The real cost of Archie Miller's buyout would be tied to his next job #iubb via @daily_hoosier

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She’s a beaut. Thankful to Purdue for at least someone representing the state of Indiana this year. 😔 #iubb

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@TheMopLady I have watched this 50 times and it just hasn't gotten old. Absolutely classic!!! Kids today would grumble under this guy. #iubb

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Cannot wait! #iubb

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Tonight's episode just got a bit more badass as Martha the Mop Lady will jump in to provide support during our Indiana Men's Basketball and other athletic program discussions. We go LIVE on our YouTube channel around 8 pm EST - 7 pm CST. #iubb #iuwbb #iufb

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Win or lose, may your passion never waver for Indiana Hoosier athletics. #iubb #iufb #iuwbb #iusoftball #iuvb and more.

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Nebraska's rigorous stretch continues vs. Rutgers - (SI) #iubb

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Maryland handles Michigan State 73-55 in bubble-team matchup - (SI) #iubb

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@mcuban please help fund the buyout and help us go get Brad Stevens #iubb

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Today would be a great day for the celtics to fire brad stevens. #iubb

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Ohio St loses at home to Iowa by exactly the same score that #iubb lost to Michigan at SSAH. And we beat that Iowa team twice. CBB is so messed up.

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#iubb: *refuses to play well and save their own bubble chances*


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Any college athlete who thinks they should get paid...turn pro. It’s what everyone else does in every walk of life. You think schools don’t make money off their IT, medical, scientific, etc fields? Anyone who doesn’t like it is free to leave, hang a shingle, whatever. #iubb

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@TheMopLady Not watching the games makes the pain less intense. For moments you can even forget we have a team. It’s something to consider! #iubb

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Canceled, Dan Dakich has been. How feel you ? #IUBB

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Learn the story behind this 1932 Indiana v Minnesota Game Ball Trophy (by @IUArtifacts)


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@IndianaMBB Here is a more pleasant thought! I enrolled at IU in January, 1976. Three months later I partied at schowalter fountain with a bunch of other drunk students. Archie cannot take that memory away from me but he sure has destroyed my love of #iUBB. So sad!

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Dan Dakich got booted from Twitter?

I just assumed he was trending because he was calling a game.

Lemme say this: The handful of games he was IU's head coach after the removal of Sampscum were some of my favorite ever, and #iubb nation will always owe him a debt of gratitude.

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@IUBBManagers Well done, gentlemen. Keeping the legacy alive; only you know what that required. You should be proud. #iubb

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@AssemblyCall IU hired the wrong guy 4 straight times, beginning w/ a man who didn't understand where he was, & hired men who believef they have to "recruit east coast," and got..this. Neither #iuwbb nor #iufb were ever "bigger than the university" & were never de-emphasized as #iubb was

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Yea, what did he do to get removed from Twitter #iubb ?

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I have very good source that one of ISU players wants IU via transfer if Lansing was let go after season....

looks like that happened. We shall see #iubb

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I, for one, would be willing to swap Archie Miller for Shawn Miller😂. #iubb #iufb

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It’s Sunday.

It’s calm.

Temperatures are balmy.

Seems like a good time to



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Wait, what did Dan Dakich do now? #dandakich #iubb #iufb

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Maryland knocks of Michigan State, that makes #iubb-Michigan State on Tuesday a huge bubble game for both teams. Neither team has much margin for error at this point.

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#iubb vs MSU is now a de facto play out game Tuesday night. Loser is officially done barring an unlikely B1G tourney win.

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Indiana State coach Greg Lansing is unlikely to return after the season, sources told @stadium. The administration prefers to move on despite fact that Lansing is two wins shy of all-time winningest coach in school history and Sycamores are 14-9 overall this season.

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Indiana at Purdue on Saturday will be a 2 pm tip time. TV: ESPN or ESPN2. #iubb

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Watching Maryland now from the beginning of the season there has been tremendous growth, I think that’s something #iubb fans were hoping for this season.

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Huge win for #Butler!
Much respect to Lavall Jordan & his players, who despite some big adversities this year, & looking like they were done more then once, neither he nor his players ever quit. In fact they've persevered!
The same thing cannot be said about Archie Miller & #iubb

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It’s over for #iubb it’s been over for a long time. blue blood status has to be wanted by the administration. Not even part of the thought process anymore.

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Woo hoo! I mean... #iubb

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Dan Dakich’s Twitter account has been shut down

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Gallige Verteidigung? Nicht mit @JordanHulls1!
Beste Unterhaltung? Auf alle Fälle mit #MagentaSport ▶️

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I want to thank all the schools that have shown interest. #top5

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Consistent Program Builders Actively Coaching
1) Rick Pitino
2) John Calipari
3) Leonard Hamilton
4) Kelvin Sampson
5) Bob Huggins
6) Lon Kruger
7) Dana Altman
8) Rick Barnes
9) Bruce Pearl
10) Ben Howland
11) Mic Cronin

Minimum 3 programs rebuilt

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