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@hellofriendstwi @danidONAT0 @cliff_hogg @christmasabbott @JCMoonves @mattsalleemusic @JamesWallington @williamjardell @kaitlynbristowe @RealityRecaps @Strongislandni2 Maybe @ActuallyNPH could come on and tell us about his new game he created -game is called #boxonegame

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@NPH @Target @theory11 Any word on how soon #boxonegame will be restocked??

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With #escaperooms in lockdown I got a puzzle fix at home, thanks to @nph & @theory11 & their fabulous #boxone. No spoilers but the myriad of secrets to discover is an #escaperoomaddicts delight. And I thought @nph couldn’t get any cooler. #boxonegame #neilpatrickharris #theory11

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@ActuallyNPH please tell me there’s gonna be a box two #boxonegame that was by far the most fun I’ve had playing a game 👏🏻👏🏻

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What a great game!!! Really blown away with the experience.
If you like puzzles and games you gonna love it! #boxonegame #nph #NeilPatrickHarris

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What a way to end 2020! Loved solving Box One! Full of challenges and surprises! @ActuallyNPH @theory11 #boxonegame

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@ActuallyNPH Just finished #boxonegame. So much fun and I'm blown away at the value and quality. Loved it!

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Having so much fun playing #BoxOneGame (on #BoxingDay 😂)! Thanks, @ActuallyNPH, for taking me on this adventure!! This is the kind of swept-away-in-the-fantasy feeling that's hard to fully capture in adulthood. Loving it! (No spoilers, I'm still mid-play.)

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@ActuallyNPH After playing #boxonegame, it made his interview with @chrisramsay52 that much funnier! I love you guys!

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@ActuallyNPH #boxonegame “...only at Target, though not available for shipping. Out of stock at every store within 100 miles of you.” Whelp, there’s always next year 🤷‍♀️

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Thank you for bringing attention to this important issue. Box ONE is my intellectual property, and this means a lot to me. If you play the game, you’ll understand... #boxonegame

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I need #boxonegame but it’s horribly sold out! My immersive heart NEEEEDS IT.

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@ActuallyNPH @NYMag @saxxunderwear @tonal @DollarShaveClub @BarrySonnenfeld @oculus @theory11 Just finished @theory11 #boxonegame and had a blast! Is there gonna be a Box Two??

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Here’s a bunch of stuff I love, care of @NYMag. #GiftIdeas2020 @saxxunderwear #barrattrileyandco @tonal @DollarShaveClub @BarrySonnenfeld @oculus #lamer #claseazul @theory11 #boxonegame

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#boxonegame my partner is getting this as a Christmas gift for me! Will there be a place to discuss the game as we navigate thru it??

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Thanks, Drew Barrymore, for being so kind to me and my husband this morning on your show. Good times had by all. @DrewBarrymoreTV @Davidburtka #boxonegame

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