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Hey Buffalo and Rochester!

A friend of mine here in Kansas City designed a Buffalo Bills shirt a few years ago and it’s now available at @NickelCity_BFLO in Hamburg, NY. Go get ya one!

#GoBills #BillsMafia

*Wegmans pin not included*

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Regardless of what happens tomorrow, I had a fucking great time this season and I'm excited for the future #BillsMafia

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🙃🙃🙃 #BillsMafia

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Fingers crossed, #BillsMafia, but honestly I feel like I have a better shot of hitting the MegaMillions than our chances of the Chargers passing on Daboll. And between Herbert, Bosa and his connection to GM Telesco, there’s no way he passes on that job. Hopefully we elevate

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Anyone know what hotel the Ravens stay in I feel like prank calling them all night! #BillsMafia

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Tweet 2 of 2. The items on the steps, 2 Bills cups full of red, white, and blue Hershey kisses. Bills fever is alive and well. Thank you who ever you are! #BillsMafia

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I already have pre-anxiety about the Bills vs Ravens game tomorrow. 😬 #BillsMafia #GoBills

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@MadGlab @ChrisBrownBills @BuffaloBills Why isn’t the Bills shout song on @Spotify or @amazonmusic ?! Somebody make it happen! #BillsMafia

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@KyleBrandt #BillsMafia appreciates you doing your 1/11th Kyle

Respect ✊

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.@DDawkins66 Bulletin board material #BillsMafia

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@ThatDumbNYYFan This game gonna be 🔥🔥 JA17 #BillsMafia

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Student Government sponsored Buffalo Bills Spirit Day yesterday and today! Even Mr. Wojcik's pup Charlie got into the act, sporting her McCoy jersey! GO BILLS! #BillsMafia #gobills #nceaglespride 💙🏈❤️

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@LabattUSA Good call on the jinx, put up a poll and let #BillsMafia make the call!

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Lamar Jackson prayin' it doesn't snow in #Buffalo 🙏❄️

Josh Allen isn't fazed no matter the B-Lo weather 😤

Field goal gives the #Bills the cover @BodogCA vs. #RavensFlock

#BillsMafia wanna shout about the AFC Championship 🗣️

#Ravens l @BuffaloFAMbase l #BALvsBUF l #NFL

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@Htagsports @MShepToGo @JimKelly1212 @SteveTasker89 Here's the list of the all time sack leaders.. It really is amazing what he did.. I personally don't c it being broken.. To me it's like wilt Chamberlin Avg 50 ppg.. Just won't happen again.. And Bruce Smith sack record will never b broken #BillsMafia #Bills

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@VivalaZito has the Biggest Fuckin All Natural Poll!!!!!!!!!! #BearDahn

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In light of a very important matchup, Ravens fan @IngravenVids was gracious enough to let me Rep the #Billsmafia on this preview.

Hit that link 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿

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What a song, what emotion and what a Bills Dad! Can't wait for next week's jam. #BillsMafia #GoBills #BillsByABillion

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No me los están pidiendo, pero aquí les van mis pronósticos para los juegos divisionales #NFL 😌





#ChangoElPajero Cc. @alejandropeters, @_kaminante.

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@marlon_humphrey #CMonMan, seriously @marlon_humphrey welcome to Buffalo home of the @anchorbar and #BillsMafia! @stefondiggs and @DavisGB1 will show you their Buffalo Wings as they fly by you! Add more @FranksRedHot for some heat.

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@marlon_humphrey Of course they do. They even you real wings from the flying Buffalos from up North. Funny Guy. Steph Diggs is coming and there isn't shit you can do about it. #GoBills #BillsMafia

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NFQL: Ravens at #Bills (Wild Card - #PS5) - #BillsMafia

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Call the authorities.

#Bills better win by 2 BILLION tomorrow. This is where we draw the line...

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Time to get me up to 716 followers and only 716 followers before the #BillsMafia game.

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#Colts at #GoBills in 2024 AFCC action live now at @trainwrecksprts


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This is already on the bulletin board at every Duff’s #BeatBaltimore #BillsMafia

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They hate us cause they ain't us!! #BillsMafia

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#RamsHouse vs. #GoPackGo
#RavensFlock vs. #BillsMafia

We got your Saturday #NFL playoff best bets from our handicapping expert @HouseMoney44.

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Definitely a ranch guy right here.



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Does Buffalo wings have anything to do with Buffalo, NY?

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Last check in BEFORE the #Ravens vs #Bills #NFL playoff game‼️😈

#RavensFlock vs #BillsMafia

Shoutout to @REALRICO_BF from @BfloFanatics for joining us‼️✊🏾

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Fear Not #BillsMafia Division Round Victory has been Assured!

Playoffs require you bring a little more to the table

Crazy Hot Grill 🔥
Beautiful Char 💨
Caramelized Bleu Cheese 👀
Medium-Rare Perfection 🥩

#GrowthMindset #HumbleAndHungry

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Which Divisional Round Game are we MOST EXCITED abaht?

Presented by @FDSportsbook


#BillsMafia #RavensFlock
#GoPackGo #RamsHouse
#Saints #GoBucs

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Bills Dad. Divisional Playoff Week. “Proud to be in the Mafia”. In response to all the family stories I heard last week, I decided to pay tribute. Sponsored by PLB Sports and Entertainment. #BillsMafia @plbsports

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