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@Marvel As I’ll be anticipating tons of crossover stuff as well as the competing x-men candidates, I’ll be looking forward to what happens after the gala. 🌩✨⚡️ As always, #TeamTempo and @ororoswind have done great in spreading the #VoteTempo word throughout the week! Never the end.

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It's your last chance to cast your ballot in the #XMenVote!

Make your mark on mutant history and help decide which candidate will become a member of the X-Men. Polls close TONIGHT at 11:59PM ET. ❌ Vote now:

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On this, the final day of #XMenVote, I want you to read my tale of woe about noted Better Marrow, Spyke. Imagine how I felt about Evan, how I still must. All that resentment. All that pain.

Know that I'd still vote for him over any candidate but Tempo.

#VoteTempo #TimeForTempo

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The #TimeForTempo is NOW! Shoutout to @graphicisnovel for the slick propaganda. Make your voice heard! #votetempo #XMenVote #teamTempo #LeaveLornaAlone

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X-men election memes I made made it to Marvel's website woo hoo! #xmenelection #teamtempo #votetempo #xmenelection #votetempo #teamtempo

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Last day of voting. #VoteTempo

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@methodman who did you #XMenVote for in the new XMen team? I (like everyone) am making sure #VoteTempo gets top majority, @ororoswind’s campaign for her is gonna be bigger beyond the voting period. Hope you can discuss the vote in a future episode of #MarvelMethod! #TimeforTempo

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@Marvel Also #VoteMarrow or #VoteTempo, the only two acceptable choices.

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@edbrisson Skids, Amelia Voght, Tempo #VOTETEMPO Shard,

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X-Men has always been an extended found-family metaphor, put someone black and queer on the team! #VoteTempo #TIMEFORTEMPO #XMenVote

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She's a fascinating, complex character, and the only nominee who, in spite of having been around for thirty years, never got to be front and centre in a book.

We have an opportunity, we can use it for whatever we want, so why not try something unexpected?


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I wanted to honor #BlackHistoryMonth by supporting the #XMenVote for Tempo in exploring her history with the #XMen. I please ask of you: #VoteTempo to give a Black woman in comics the opportunity to make ripples in time. As you can see, she's already a law-abiding Krakoan. #Tempo

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One day & a few hours left to go! Listen to our show on #XMenVote #XMenElection aaaand #VoteTempo !!!!

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It’s #BlackHistoryMonth. Vote for the only Black person on the roster. Sunspot is suspect depending on the artist. Sometimes he’s WhiteSpot. #XMenVote #VoteTempo She’s the only one that has not yet been on an #XMen team. Plus the others have been in plenty of X-Books not her.

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@Marvel Next time, please make a list of mutant candidates/first-time POCs who never became X-Men instead of having just one. #VoteTempo #TimeforTempo @GerryDuggan hope she can turn Shaw’s tables if she doesn’t win.

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I mean, come on, this is DEDICATION!

#VoteTempo #XMenVote

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Honestly, you're all screwing this up by not voting for Tempo. She's the freshest, most original choice; she's got COOL TIME POWERS; she could have a ✨redemption arc✨; and she's so committed to her brand she wears her ICONIC yellow helmet to the X-Spa. #VoteTempo #XMenVote

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Ok somehow yall ain't hear me, Banshee, let SWORD have him, and Boom-Boom needs to be educating those upcoming kids. #VoteTempo

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Remember, there's still time to #VoteTempo! It's her whole deal! Time!

(or else vote the double Bs, Banshee & Boom-Boom) #XMenVote

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It's time for Tempo. #XMenVote

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Back with Glob, who has the latest update on the #XMenVote. We’re seeing some movement from over the weekend. With less than 36 hours left, this election is anybody’s game!

There’s still time to cast your ballot at . Polls close tomorrow at 11:59 PM ET.

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What’s your favorite Storm story? ⚡️⚡️⚡️

Storm was the first African American X-Men member and the first Black and female team leader in a @Marvel comic 🙌 it’s #TimeForTempo to be the next Black female on the #XMen! #Marvel #XMenVote #Vote #VoteTempo #Comics #BlackHistoryMonth

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Give a lesser known mutant a moment to shine! #votetempo #tempoforthexmen #xmenelection

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@Marvel I insta-voted for Tempo in the #XMenVote as she's the only candidate on the list that's never been a member of ANY X-team before! She deserves a shot at redemption, and the X-Men need new faces! #VoteTempo

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🔥It’s #votetempo VS #votesunspot 🔥

@ororoswind, @GL2814_3 help decide who should get my vote, and maybe even yours....⏱⏱

👉🏿👉🏿 👈🏿👈🏿

3X questions
3X voices!
3X the time!

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@marvel I #XMenVote #VoteTempo b/c she chose to finish her education before coming back into heroics, but also provides a perspective from her time in the MLF. Her time flight allows her & the team to plan out the best possible outcome to finish any mission with no backfiring.

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Did you vote for Tempo in the #XMenVote? Quote Tweet and tell us why she should be elected to the X-Men!

❌: #MarvelComics

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Team Tempo #xmenvote #votetempo

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@Warpath_Dylan At the end of the day her power is creepy and so is she. #VoteTempo

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Tarot redesign: manifesting the ace of wands. #Marvel #marvelcomics #xmen #XMenVote #votetempo

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Need @mymonsterischic and @david_baldeon to continue the good work with Polaris. Here for the Marrow movement, but also okay with another badass Black woman in the X-Men via Tempo. #votemarrow #votetempo #XMenVote

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X-Men: Who Is Tempo, Marvel's Most Unlikely Potential Hero? #xmenvote

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Want to vote for someone other than Tempo? Here are the facts! Make an informed decision and vote for Tempo now! #TimeForTempo #XMenVote

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Your Guide To The X-Men Election

Don't cast your #XMenVote without being informed.

An informed electorate is an impowered electorate!

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December 9th, 2000, was the first time I dropped the word "nigga." It was also the first (and only) time I got my ass beat for it.

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