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About that voter fraud that doesn't exist... #votefraud

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PA: 300,000 mail-in ballots that were never mailed #votefraud

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Tyranny USA: US Courts so corrupt they let mass #Election2020 #VoteFraud go unaddressed.

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BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Accurate List of 2020 Election Fraud Cases Shows 81 Cases Total, 30 Still Active - And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued via @gatewaypundit

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Tyranny: Democrats stole #Election2020 with #VoteFraud, and now rush their very first bill in Congress to legalize the fraudulent tactics they used, forever, as a legal requirement.

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SHOCKING: The Democrats’ First Bill of 2021 Is to Lock In Fraudulent Election Maneuvers and Steal Elections in Perpetuity

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Many people are saying the #Trump and his supporters are "spreading lies" about #VoteFraud, but none of them provide any compelling evidence that the election was fair and honest.

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