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@tboseZA starting the shoe with my fav D'Angelo, loved his #Verzuz performance over the weekend

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Still listening to D’Angelo and Friends😂😂


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I didn't hear anyone bring up the brilliant way that RZA sampled Stevie Wonder's "Rocket Love" into GZA's "Cold World (Remix)" and the way D'Angelo sung that hook was dope as hell... It would have been a home-run to have the GZA come out after Redman and Meth last night. #Verzuz

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Another life by D'Angelo got me in my mode right now. I'm still in my bag from the #Verzuz he killed that performance.

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Imagine Jamie Foxx in a #Verzuz battle 🥲

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About last night #DAngelo #Verzuz Chicken soup for the soul Saturday.

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That Sean Garrett #Verzuz had some amazing content b lmao.

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I am ALL THE WAY late to the game, but currently watching the D’Angelo #VerzuzAtTheApollo. 20 min. in and I am swoonin 🥰

Brava #Verzuz 👏🏾

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@Sean_AllDay But now, a Ginuwine #Verzuz is needed

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BTW @DJScratch I’m gonna need your playlist with you narrating it of last night’s #Verzuz

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No lies in my #Verzuz!!!

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I really wanna see a Mary J Blige & Toni Braxton #Verzuz

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Maxwell vs Kem or 9th Wonder vs Nottz would be great #Verzuz ideas.

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D’Angelo got me wanting to add music on my voicemail 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Verzuz

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So👏🏾about 👏🏾last👏🏾night

It’s always a family reunion when @TheDangelo takes our stage, but when @methodman, @therealredman, @HERMusicx & @keyonharrold came through, it officially became a MOMENT!

Honored to share sacred space w/ #Verzuz & our #ApolloFam!❣️

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This #Verzuz is going go be stupid good.

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I’d def wait for that piece @scottwoodssays #4EverInMyLife💜☔️
#DAngelo #Verzuz

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The #Verzuz we have all been waiting for

I got Du Bois easily

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@threeletterman3 @YouTube @WhateverOG @MCBlakk @Cheamane @Dionpierce10 @akronace @LT_Legend Watson reasoned how the #Verzuz “divide and conquer” doesn’t work

Also why leave out the other members if it’s a “celebration”?

And looking back I guess we were cheated not having Kiss go against Styles instead of Fab huhn?

Let’s have Capo vs Killa while we’re at it 🙄

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Du Bois and Weber? I want to read this.

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akon deserves a #Verzuz

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Did we ever get a reason for Maxwell declining D'Angelo? #Verzuz

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Ginuwine vs Usher #Verzuz

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The @verzuztv recap from last night with @thedangelo in case you missed it! Special guests @methodmanofficial @redmangilla @hermusicofficial @djscratch all killed it. Big ups to @therealswizzz @timbaland we needed this for the culture.... it was all vibes! 🙌🏾 #verzuz #dangelo

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D'Angelo and Beres Hammond in one virtual weekend thank the #BlackHistoryMonth Ancestors #Verzuz #LoveFromADistance #BHM2021 back to watching #TopBoy on @netflix ✌🏾

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Last night, we all experienced the rare and special reemergence of the incomparable @thedangelo and his friends @DJScratch, @HERMusicx, @therealredman and @methodman. WOW. #VERZUZ from the @ApolloTheater in Harlem last night was for the real ones. Those who know KNOW.

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There is an annoying absence of discussion around Prince's piano playing, which really hit me last night watching D'angelo's Verzuz. Maybe there's an essay in it, but to do it right I need time. So give me time.

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