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@SenTedCruz #Republican #DonaldTrump party is the party of #WhiteSupremacyGOP Liz Cheney #CPAC2021 #Trump2024 #TrumpIsACriminal #RepublicansAreTheProblem

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@FBI - Irony!

Russia democracy leader is put in the harshest prison (even though he is innocent) & #TrumpIsACriminal / @GOP ( #GOPDomesticTerrorists & #InsideJob participants) are on the loose still spouting the #BigLIE, planning the next insurrection attempt


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@joegmurph @HumanAmerican @RachelQueirolo @SuesueRender @LCattheBeach @IslandGirlPRV @JonBlaire @jules00742 @katibug817 @IJReilly4 @DonnaComiskey @jwingate46 @dedward007 @Sblcsw @connie_foye @AmyMincey7 Thank you very much, my friend ... HUGS :)

#Trump #TrumpIsGuilty #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpIsACriminal #GOPCowards #GOPDomesticTerrorists




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@ZD_Topfer @StormyDaniels LilMushroom! He (and his dumb ass mail order bride) probably haven’t seen it in years! #TrumpIsACriminal #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #TrumpHatesVeterans #TrumpIsGuilty #TrumpTaxReturns #TrumpInsurrection #PussyGrabber #DraftDodger #Liar #Racist #Make Anarchists Go Apeshit

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If I never hear the name Trump ever again, it will be too soon. #TrumpSucks #TrumpIsGuilty #TrumpIsACriminal

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Former Guy is extremely defensive about anything that might imply he is not as rich as he claims. There is much to suggest that Trump most likely committed major financial crimes.
He makes four main claims:


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So this happened at Central Park ice rink #TrumpIsACriminal

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The lawyer for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny confirms that his client has been moved from a Moscow jail to one of Russia’s most notorious prison camps to serve his sentence.

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Bill Cassidy on whether Trump is fit to be president again: "He'll be 78 years old." #ouch

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You're a Nazi White Supremacist Sympathizer & a disgrace to USA / #USMilitary that fought to put down Nazism in WWII. Your support of #TrumpIsACriminal & (Always Was), is emblematic that @CPAC supports crime, violence, racism, #TrumpGenocide, & impoverishing Americans.


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This must be another warning to Americans... this is what a trump run and potential win in 2024 would look like. #trumpisacriminal

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Trump has never won the popular vote in an election, lost the House, lost the Senate, impeached twice, lost more than 60 court cases challenging last election, lost in Supreme Court trying to hide his taxes, lost while actually owning casinos, lost 500K lives to COVID.

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@BillKristol @Timodc This image's head was of fine gold, his breast and his arms of silver, his belly and his thighs of brass,His legs of iron, his feet part of iron and part of clay.

It's all been done before and it didn't turn out well for the King.


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What a waste of shiny fibreglass. Could've made a load of Christmas baubles.First time I've seen a wee wannabe tyrant in flipflops though.Very dignified way to traverse the golf course #tinpotdictator #foolsgold #minityrant #CPAC #CPAC2021 #GOPComplicitTraitors #TrumpIsACriminal

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@ChrisCuomo - take a look. Last wk, you gave airtime to #CPACNazis - @mschlapp

Nazi ideology needs to be eradicated not spread. #TrumpIsACriminal and Always Was.


@MSNBC @nytimes @WSJ @ABC @CBSNews @washingtonpost

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So no one can “Prove” it was done on purpose Bc yeah sure, anyone can just play dumb in the design.

But come on, the symbol doesn’t look “close” it’s identical in every way.

But yes, let’s all just ignore the clear direction the Trumpian party is heading.

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Tiny Trump's @CPAC speech?

Don't have to watch it to know that Bill Shakespeare already nailed the review, 400 years ago...

"It is a tale / Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, / Signifying nothing."

#TrumpIsACriminal #GoToJail #GoDirectlyToJail #TrumpCrimeFamily #MacBeth

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tRump will reignite the fire of insurrection today... and the blame falls on every coward and traitor to our Constitution who failed to convict

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Yep check out the #CPACNazi #CPACstage we need to stop them @Hyatt

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Stage design conspiracies are outrageous and slanderous. We have a long standing commitment to the Jewish community. Cancel culture extremists must address antisemitism within their own ranks. CPAC proudly stands with our Jewish allies, including those speaking from this stage.

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