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@ElieNYC Just do what Whoopi said yesterday in #TheView print the books with a paragraph stating this is how people looked at the world many years ago, but not acceptable now and why.

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why does #MarjorieTaylorGreene want to end the day? , because they know she was apart of the #insurrection is my guess. #TheView @JoyVBehar

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@Solomon33John I have noticed that as well. She is also missing when someone she has maligned is on. Does not have courage to face them! She is a hit and run coward!

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Who says work can't be relaxing at times #TheView #SeaBreeze #islandlife

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The 1918 flu pandemic lasted Feb 1918 - Apr 1920. WHY don't people look to history?? Yes, now better science/health options, but Trump delayed effective action almost a yr. "Logic clearly dictates that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.” #TheView #CNN #MSNBC

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Big pregnant with our " Alpha Princess" #NewYork #NewYorkCity #TheView #pregnant #BookTwitter #BookReview #authorlife #Alphaprincess great morning twitter family, hope you all have a wonderful day 😙💝❤️💙

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@TheView @GMA #BlackTwitter @ATLBlackStar @blackreport #TheView @thereidout @BBCWorld @CNNTonight @RawStory @thedailybeast @Suntimes @ABC7Chicago @nbcchicago @cbschicago @WGNNews #PoliceBrutality #PoliceReform @Blavity @BuzzFeedNews @BlackAmericaWeb @DLHughleyRadio

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@danielledsouzag Why would anyone listen to 17 sexual assault enablers in the GOP. #theview

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"I do not like erasing art. I do not think it's wise or smart." #TheView's Joy Behar claims that removing the six Dr. Seuss books from circulation for their stereotypical portrayals of people of color denies children a teachable moment:

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Stopped watching #TheView before #MeghanMcCain’s maternity leave & watched while she was gone & enjoyed the show. Now she is even more angry & disruptive than b4. Her bitterness & obsessive attacks on Chris Cuomo are inexcusable. Can no longer tolerate this crazy behavior!

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Hey @TheView @JoyVBehar @WhoopiGoldberg @sunny I believe @EmmaVigeland would be the #best addition to your show!

Finally, we would have a #progressive voice to represent the MAJORITY of the country who supports progressive ideas.

#Emma4TheView #emmafortheview #TheView

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#ChuckGrassley during Senate hearing with the FBI Director on Domestic Terrorism relating to Jan 6, 2021 Capitol Insurrection was quick to point to danger posed by Commies.
#SenatorChuckGrassley, just how old ARE you anyway?
Were you #GOP Senator in the 1950s?

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America's I.Q. Just dropped another 50 points by saying that Dr. Seuss is racist and banned 6 books. HOW FUCKING STUPID ARE PEOPLE GOING TO CONTINUE TO BE ? #TheView

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あと、ウーピーがトーク番組 #TheView の共同ホストとして活躍していることを知り、とても嬉しい!

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@ABCNetwork @ABC #theview @sunny @JoyVBehar @ananavarro your host Meghan is a white supremacist apologist.

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Happy Anniversary!!! 🎉🎉🎉

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I was looking forward to seeing H.E.R. on #TheView today. I was not expecting to see this gorgeous background behind her. It's got a Grammy swinging from a tree. A grand piano. And this beautiful cherry blossom 🌸 tree. My goodness. I love it!! 💗

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Imagine being so fucked in the head you think Dr Seuss is a racist...

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@OmariJHardy @PamKeithFL Make it a federal liability for businesses who open up too early and citizens die because they think COVID-19 is a hoax, Donald Trump lies. #TheView

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#BlackTwitter #blacklivesmatter

AUDIO: Louisiana trooper admits beating, choking Ronald Greene during fatal traffic stop

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@TheView I had 3 internships when I was in media school, and had they paid me it would've helped. I think all internships should involve a paycheck! #TheView

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#mustread #mustsee #Criterion #MeToo #TheView #chh #lka #GodKabir_PrasthanDiwas

Last time I checked he still not playin

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When you find fault in every man and every race, even your own. You may just be the problem at work. 🤔 #TheView

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#SoulOfANation next Tuesday Zoom the opposite racially co workers, friend, enemy or wannabe friend to watch in discuss the issues. And tweet about it. #TheView #p2

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My travels this morning through beautiful Saskatchewan💙 #Saskatchewan #morning #beautiful #TheView #traveling #accrosssaskatchewan #OnTheRoad #25hourtrip

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When the #DrSeuss thing was on #TheView I was like hold up ✋🏾 how? Then my memory came back& realized noneof those titles were read to us in school & some of them I hadn’t heard of orseen on shelves w/ the rest of his books. Hmm🧐 sign #1 of ⚪️ #revisionisthistory #SoulofaNation

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@Angelkina5 @RealMattCouch If #liberals are so scared of deadly #virus. Why have they not got rid of @AOC & @SpeakerPelosi. Those 2 viruses screw up everything. If U survive them, you lie with ease, watch @CNN, blame everyone else, & never have any good ideas. #GOP #TheView @JoyVBehar LIED to viewers today

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#SoulofANation Americans must deprogrammed White Hatred. By looking at racism beginnings and dismissing the lies that Whites believes God made them different. #TheView

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Walt Disney hates Jews. Get over it~ #theview #drsuess #freedom

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@Glamor14kt @sunny Some of these stories, sorta remind me, of our #DrSeuss discussion during #TheView #SoulofaNation

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@lassiter_wes Citizens in Texas should reject the governor’s death declaration and obey The President guidelines. #TheView

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AlrightNow @sunny
So Good to see you

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Has anyone told @MeghanMcCain you know “THE COHOST OF THE VIEW”?!?!?! I know how worried she was. #MeghanMcCain #TheView

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@ananavarro Happy Anniversary Ana & Al! Ana, I love when you are on #TheView instead of Meghan.
Mature conversations without hissy-fits, pouting, & taking everything personally. Such an improvement. I wish it could be a permanent change.
Anyway, I hope you have a Happy Anniversary! ♥️💐🎉

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#socialmedia #instagram #GH #cryptocurrency #HODL #TheView #SmallBusinesses #RealEstate #DigitalMarketing #Twitter #Facebook Read Me HERE..

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Thank you for having me, @TheView!!!!!

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Apparently "believe all women" doesn't apply to Democrats.

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.@NBCNews: The CDC is set to release new guidelines on Thursday for Americans who have been fully vaccinated that say it’s OK for them to gather in small groups indoors with other people who have also been fully vaccinated, without wearing masks.

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If you see hate symbols in everything, the problem is probably you.

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