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We roped in @krisudayasankar for a chat and it was a DELIGHT.
#TheCowherdPrince 🐴

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Join us for this fun Instagram LIVE session with @krisudayasankar this Friday!

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Old trusty friend, fastest of them all.

Find out more about Balahak.
Read the Cowherd Prince TODAY.


🔗Link in bio.


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Just finished #TheCowherdPrince by @krisudayasankar Ma'am...a great retelling of a 'well-known legend'...could have been aptly titled 'Making of a Statesman'..🙂🙂

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What is the meaning behind Govinda's Symbol? Find out.
Read the Cowherd Prince.

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Thank you @anujamouli for a most amazing time! #TheCowherdPrince

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Really enjoyed the session with the extremely fabulous @krisudayasankar We discussed her latest book, The Cowherd Prince and so much more!
Do watch 👇

@PenguinIndia @PenguinBooks

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Going LIVE in 5 mins!!! Come off and ask tough questions, I say!


@anujamouli @PenguinIndia

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Hello .@krisudayasankar Madam Best of luck For the Book #TheCowherdPrince .

Looking Forward to read it. After completing my current readings.

Not the #Krishna of myth you know!

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Excited to join @krisudayasankar in this LIVE session with @anujamouli this Friday evening.

We will have our coffee mugs ready and warm! #TheCowherdPrince

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Looking forward to this delightful conversation! @krisudayasankar #TheCowherdPrince

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Join author Krishna Udayasankar and Booxoul for the special launch of 'The Cowherd Prince', on our Facebook page on 19th November, 6 PM.

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@bytesbybhavin You still haven't told me what you thought of #TheCowherdPrince !!!

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I am done reading #TheCowherdPrince by @krisudayasankar for the 3rd time along with #TheAryavartaChronicles. Wondering how?

3. Paperback
2. Kindle edition
1. Sssshhh...

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Join us for a LIVE a conversation with @krisudayasankar today at 6pm. @KitabKhanaBooks #TheCowherdPrince

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Good morning. Have you read #TheCowherdPrince yet?

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Catch me and THE @samitbasu live on @instagram tomorrow evening at 6pm !!! #TheCowherdPrince #ChosenSpirits

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‘It is not just the story of Krishna, in its grandeur, there are numerous characters each playing a major role, there is much more to this epic’. Stunning praise for @krisudayasankar’s #TheCowherdPrince

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One more reason (like we needed more!) to buy books!
Get these brilliant e-books by @shwe_tambari and @krisudayasankar and make the most of this festive season.

#TheCowherdPrince #GetMoving

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Read an excerpt for a glimpse into Govinda's endlessly fascinating journey from a cowherd to a prince and heir:
@krisudayasankar #TheCowherdPrince

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One of my favourite scenes from #TheCowherdPrince. Read an extract on the Penguin India blog!

#writing #books #reading

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'Into that expectant quiet, Govinda said the words he knew would irrevocably change his life.

“I am Govinda.”'

Read a thrilling excerpt from #TheCowherdPrince via @scroll_in. ⬇️

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Men are symbols, Govinda. Those who cower in fear can also rise to great heights if the symbol they are shown is one of hope #TheCowherdPrince

This novel imagines the life of Krishna before he became the master strategist of the Mahabharata via @scroll_in

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Do you know the kingdom in which Govinda was a cowherd? Tell us your answers 👇🏽

#TheCowherdPrince @krisudayasankar

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"The beauty of Udayashankar’s writing lies in her intricately designed plots and diverse characters."
@krisudayasankar @PenguinIndia

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Mahanavami #Saraswati poojai #Vijayadasami gift from mom - A #TheCowherdPrince #saree!!!

Happy #Dussera and #Bijoya wishes everyone!

#pattachitra #odisha

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Are you ready to read the story of the accidental prince?
@krisudayasankar's #TheCowherdPrince will surprise you!

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Govinda, son of Nanda-one of the many cowherds in the kingdom of Surasena- was content with his tough but wonderful life. That was until the king's men came looking for him and his brother, Balabadra, spewing death and destruction in their wake.

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"Was the Dwapar Yug a more progressive age for women?" Hear my answer at 16:14

#mythology #myth #mahabharata #thearyavartachronicles #TheCowherdPrince #darkcircles

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