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me: a person who has been watching the bach franchise since the dawn of time
me: a person who literally just sat through #TheBachelorette
me: a person catching up with ep 2 of the bachelor
#TheBachelor ep 2: so how about them wedding photos for a group date 😉😉
me: ugh 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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Just saw way too much of Kenny from #TheBachelorette.

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just thought everyone’s timeline needed Bennett singing Shallow 🤠 #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor

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Chris Harrison may be most famous for hosting #TheBachelor and #TheBachelorette, but his most important role is being a dad to Taylor and Joshua!

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I know we’ve moved on to Matt but I still can’t believe Tayshia didn’t pick Ivan.

Also - is Ivan still single or is he going on Paradise. When should I shoot my shot? #thebachelorette

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‘The Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Dale Moss Reveals He Only Appeared On The Show Because of Clare Crawley @dailysoapdish #TheBachelorette

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That was so beautiful ❤️ you deserve it 🙌🏼

So happy for you!!!!! 💛✨


#thebachelorette 💯💃👩👩🥰💅!!!

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"I am still single... dating during a pandemic isn't the easiest thing to do." - #DrJoePark from #TheBachelorette totally gets how hard it is to date right now!

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"I loved these experience and I appreciated it so much but that's not my life... happy to be back helping people" - #DrJoePark on getting right back to work at the hospital after #TheBachelorette

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"My takeaway was that you can find love in mysterious places... these opportunities aren't just about finding love with the woman but also with the people around you." - #DrJoePark is the most positive guy EVER after #TheBachelorette

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What's up #DrJoePark?! Dr. Joe from @tayshia's season of #TheBachelorette is going to be on with us NEXT talking all about the #COVID vaccine!

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#TheBachelorette's Rachel Lindsay is pushing for casting changes after James Taylor thanked ABC for supporting him

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Today we have Dr. Joe Park (on Zoom) from #Tayshia's season of #TheBachelorette. He's had both doses of the #COVID19 vaccine!! He's on just after 9:00a PT!

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Hannah B didn’t give Connor S a shot 🤔🤔🤔 #TheBachelorette

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From 1st season of #TheBachelorette to forever. 🌹

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@American_Honey7 LMAOOOO. #TheBachelorette highkey sucked but so far #TheBachelor has me lowkey hooked. Mind you, this is my third season of any Bachelor format so take it with a grain of salt lmao

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😁🥰 I am beyond excited for this!! Who's watching with me? #TheBacheloretteSA 🌹 #BachelorNation #TheBachelorette #ARoseLikeNoOther

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Season debut imminent... #TheBacheloretteSA #TheBachelorette #ARoseLikeNoOther 🌹😊💙

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Oh yeahhhh. I meant to tell @American_Honey7 I finally finished #TheBachelorette the other day and... Meh 🤣 I'm so glad I'm much more interested in #TheBachelor

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Did Dale and Clare breakup?? #TheBachelorette

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Honestly never watched #TheBachelor or #TheBachelorette in my life till 2 weeks ago bc Matt James is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 damn. I hate you @missy_marquette 😂💕

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Man, ABC really needs to get it together. #TheBachelorette and #BachelorInParadise have now been carrying the franchise for YEARS despite the trash bachelors like Arie, Peter, and now Matt

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Almost done watching Alis season. #TheBachelorette

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So!!! L👀KS like it is about Dale! #TheBachelorette What do y’all think?? @BacheloretteABC

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When does the @FLOTUS season of #TheBachelorette air?

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why is ben from #TheBachelorette listening to jeffree star?😭😭😭

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Anyone else think The Cricket is Dale Moss? #MaskedDancer anyone? #TheBachelorette

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i know i know im latttte to the party but i kinda have a thing for Brandon! #TheBachelorette

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If Abigail doesn’t win #TheBachelor, Abigail for #TheBachelorette absolutely freaking yes please

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I would say I’m never watching #TheBachelor or its counterpart, but we’re inside of three years until we get a superhot, openly bi #TheBachelorette, right?

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I have just read that Dale and Clare broke up. Is that true? Dale deleted recent picture of them two and Clare posted about having a hard day today.


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Bennett always gives me such American Psycho vibes #TheBachelor #TheBachelorette

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So what do you do for fun?

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#TheBacheloretteSA: Meet 5 of the guys vying for Qiniso’s heart

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And that's it (for NOW) #BachelorNation 🌹🌹

There's more where that came from this February when the very first season of #TheBacheloretteSA kicks off on #MNet101 with @qinisovandamme.

PS: Follow us on IG NOW (@/thebachelorettesa) for more exclusive content ❤️

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