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@tedcruz remember that time Trump called your wife ugly used to do like a lil bitch and did nothing? I guess being from Texas you are used to being a misogynistic douchebag and it just gets you hard when women are belittled. #BeGone #my600lblife #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho

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@SenTedCruz #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho that thinks The Lord of the Rings movies are too long.

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..and I couldn't agree more don't know what's more frightening😩⁉️ the fact #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho can no longer distinguish cover up his lies FROM reality or intentionally wearing a classless mask 😷 to #InaugurationDay knowing it would fuel unstable folks emotions SO EVIL‼️

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This spineless moron tried to invalidate the votes of the citizens of Pittsburgh just a few days ago. Do not let Ted Cruz forget what a useless piece of trash he is. #TedCoup #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho

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#bitcoin #loopring #ethereum #defi #cryptocurrency #countchocula #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho

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Ted Cruz is mad that Biden is trying to save the environment even though Ted tried to ruin our Democracy.

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By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.

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I think Cruz was daring them to commit the crime... #ComeAndTakeIt #DareYou #CommitTreason #Patriot #PatriotsInControl #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho dares criminals to commit the biggest crime of the century in front of all to see!!!

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Sen. @TedCruz Sends Strong Message With Mask at Biden’s Inauguration 🇺🇸

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@shannonrwatts @PatMacRN They need to come and take his seat.

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho buys Tampons & always maxi pads ( the overnight ones, for those heavy flow days) #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho uses all the #tampons and never replace them

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"Come and Take It"...on his mask. @tedcruz your hands have blood on them and we will never forget how you turned in the American people for your pleasure of holding office. It' sickening. #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho #Traitor

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho wears this ridiculous mask. Read the room, Ted. #TedCruzIsATraitor #TedCruzResign

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@Grt8T It’s my hope the #divisive antics of #JoshHawleyIsATraitor #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho lies in hopes to be relevant should be a candidates for #14thAmendment sooner rather later. Reject #SeditiousTraitors anywhere & everywhere drain the #swampcreatures from #USA #congress

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Guy makes our skin crawl even with an innocuous post like this. #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho throws his family under the bus just so he can lick #Trump's ass.

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Scum of the earth. #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho would do this...

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That Ted Cruz would wear a “Come And Take It” mask to President Biden’s inauguration - especially when Biden and Harris are the target of assassination threats - tells you everything you need to know about this pathetic man.

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Look they had out going Senator Teddy Cruz cleaning windows at POTUS Biden's inauguration. See how quickly that loyalty last........... image by Getty News. #Innauguration2021 #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho #SeditionHasConsequences #POTUS46 #tedcruz

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho tweets this while wearing his “come and take it” mask five minutes after contributing to the Big Lie and being named by the insurrectionists that terrorized his colleagues and wanted to sabotage the very inauguration he’s at. Ooooookay. Totally genuine.

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He walks in a room and the plants die. 💩🦠 #TedCruzIsATraitor

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No thanks to you. Resign.

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@tedcruz Freaking parasite! #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho would kiss up to Charles Manson if it serves his interest! You’re beyond pathetic dude!

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#TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho would let a twice impeached stain on America insult his wife and father and support an Insurrection
#TedCoup #TedCruzResign

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@tedcruz IM SHOCKED THAT POS TED DIDNT STAND UP AND SAID I OBJECT !!! #TedCruzIsTheTypeOfGuyWho #TedCruzResign #TedCoup

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You won’t be able to wash off the stain of sedition. It, and the deaths you caused and the deep damage to our democracy you made possible, will be on you forever.

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Biden takes the oath.

May God bless the United States of America. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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.@jlo singing at the Biden Inauguration. Beautiful. 🇺🇸🇺🇸

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@Grt8T As the #CapitolRiots were occurring #CruzHawleyRESIGN were multitasking & working on their #Legacies #CapitolRiot #ElectionIntegrity investigation may help #14thAmendment @HerreraBeutler @JaimeForUSRep #TrumpImpeachment @washingtonpost #ClearAndPresentDanger #NancyPelosi⭐️

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"But I am made of chocolateeee!"
#LyingTed #LyingTedCruz #Sadsadman
#bitcoin #loopring #cryptocurrency

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