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#stlblues D Bortuzzo to IR with upper body injury ➡️

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@STLBluesChirp There you go again. There is no room in Blues twitter for reasoning, facts, or anything resembling rational thought. Only hysterical overreactions and knee-jerk conclusions based on zero data. #stlblues

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Looks like Gun is getting a go tomorrow. Not a surprise but I wish we could see Mikk.

I’d expect Berube to be very willing to change here though. Gun has some damn good competition now. #stlblues

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Dear reactionary Blues twitter,

I’m going to help you out here. Relax about Mike Hoffman based on today’s practice lines and Pp units. Guy has been in STL for 2 weeks. Needs to get comfortable with the team. Best way to do that is by his coach lowering expectations.

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To all #stlblues Angella Sharpe fans.
#SJSharks Vanessa Hand Orellana fans.
#GoKingsGo Anna Silk fans.
#FlyTogether Gwen Stefani, and Justin Scarred fans.
#VegasBorn Penn Jillette fans.
#Yotes Kaley O'Kelley fans.

This is the Volkswagen ID. Space Vizzon.

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Taxi squad already being utilized. #stlblues

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#stlblues PP units:

Krug, Perron, Schenn, O'Reilly, Schwartz

Dunn, Hoffman, Sanford, Thomas, Bozak

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Even with an 8-0 loss we could only get SO angry this early in the season. Sorry! We'll do better next time. #stlblues

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Mikkola time! I respect Gunnarsson, but I want to see the kid play, even if it needs to be on his off side. #stlblues

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To say practice is spirited today is, well, an understatement. #stlblues

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Bortuzzo to IR because of a high hit that there was absolutely no accountability for. #stlblues

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“Bro”tuzzo on IR!!!!
Mikkola called up!!!!

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Blues have placed Bortuzzo on IR and called up Mikkola. Walman and Neighbours on taxi squad

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@NHLPlayerSafety how about Valeri Nachuskin sending Robert Bortuzzo to the IR with his hit to the head? Either you are going to consistently enforce thing or you have to let things like Blais’ inadvertent hit go. #stlblues #GoAvsGo

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Slew of events for the #stlblues this morning: Bortuzzo placed on IR; Mikkola added to the active roster; Walman and Neighbours added to the 🚕 squad.

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#stlblues announce they have put Bortuzzo (upper body) on IR, recall Mikkola from the taxi squad and add Walman, Neighbours to the taxi squad.

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(Yes, I did see Friday’s game. Yes, that was an aberration and no indication of how the #StLBlues will be defensively without Robert Bortuzzo. That was a “shit happens” game and an absolute dick-kicking.)

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#stlblues roster moves:

- Bortuzzo to IR
- Mikkola to NHL
- Walman to Taxi
- Neighbours to Taxi

This is EXCITING!!! Will we see a Jake Neighbours debut soon??? Can Mikkola fight for a consistent role???? I am VERY excited

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Taxi Squad → NHL
Niko Mikkola (LD) | STL

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Minor → Taxi Squad
Jake Neighbours (LW) | STL

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Minor → Taxi Squad
Jake Walman (LD) | STL

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Borts goes to the IR after that hit now. @NHLPlayerSafety you fucked up. Thanks for pissing off the #STLBlues

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Robert Bortuzzo (RD) | STL

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The team will be just fine defensively without Robert Bortuzzo. Hope he gets well soon, though. #StLBlues

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So nothing on this @NHLPlayerSafety ... anyone, anyone, Bueller... Bueller... #stlblues

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Remember how Blais got suspended two games for incidental contact but a clear hit to the head on Bortuzzo didn’t even get a hearing?

And by the way, Devon Toews returned to the game; Bortuzzo is now on IR. #STLBlues

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#stlblues announce roster moves:

- Bortuzzo (upper-body injury) on IR
- Mikkola recalled from taxi squad
- Walman, Neighbours added to taxi squad

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Defense is same but with Gunnarsson in for Bortuzzo. Mikkola and Walman skating with main group

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#stlblues lines:

Blais, MacEachern extras

*Bortuzzo not skating


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Niko Mikkola SZN! #stlblues

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Roster Moves today:
✅ Robert Bortuzzo on IR
✅ Niko Mikkola recalled
✅ Jake Walman, Jake Neighbours added to taxi squad. #stlblues

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Learn and move on is a good strategy. #stlblues

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Always ignore sensational headlines. #stlblues

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I wish we had hockey today. I love afternoon hockey. #stlblues

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El delantero de los @StLouisBlues Blais ❌ suspendido 2️⃣ partidos por la @nhlespanol por una acción ante @Avalanche Todos los detalles aquí 👇🏻 #NHLesp #NHL #stlblues

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(5/) #stlblues, #blackhawks, #vegasborn, #yotes, #gojetsgo, #letsgooilers, #cofred & #canucks less often. The 2021-‘22 @nhl season will feature the #SEAKraken join the @nhl although at this point it remains unclear how soon the season structure that existed during the 2019-‘20

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Here's #stlblues Robert Bortuzzo early in the 1st.
He took 2 more shifts after this, then never returned.
Blues announce he's done for the night. (UBI)

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