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@MayorLucasKC I imagine you can spot the Kansas City guy.

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Jajajaj que rayos con el pick de M. Sessler 😂 #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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Having to watch @getnickwright follow through with that be,t I REALLY hope the @Chiefs blow the Bills out this weekend #RunITBack #AFCChampionship #ChiefsKingdom
P.S. Burn the hat and the shirt

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@RapSheet He’ll be ready on Sunday. His team probably already working on a real slick promo video for his comeback #runitback #ChiefsKingdom #chiefs

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If you haven’t go check @3rdandwhatever_ podcast ! Great for all chiefs fans . #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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Recap Before Sunday #RunItBack

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@ChiefsKingdom5 How can you only choose one. It's a team

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📊 10,000 simulations 📊

#BillsMafia / #RunItBack

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“Even if we spot you 24...” this is great!! #RunItBack

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Happy birthday to this cool dude. @LetItFlyBJ

#ChiefsKingdom Y’all send him some Bday love


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@PatrickMahomes looks ready to go for Sunday! Let’s go #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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Im gonna say it, KC can beat Buffalo with Henne. No doubt in my mind. #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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The premier league ain't ready for Werner - Nagelsmann linkup. #RunItBack

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My favorite part of this is the Chiefs are 100% trolling the Bills and the Bills are 100% not preparing for Chad Henne.

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@gmfb @PSchrags @DevinWhite__40 @nateburleson @Mathieu_Era @ShaunOHara60 @tae15adams Mathieu is 5'9" of solid effort, heart, energy, and sass, overflowing with leadership. I love every second of him playing for my team. #ChampionshipSwagger #RunItBack

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This clip continues to gives me goosebumps. Let’s #RunItBack

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@TheRealFrankC_ @Mathieu_Era @StoneColdJones @TheBeastPennel @jay__sneed @Bree2Land6 @AnthonyHitchens @dwilson_6 @itslilmooney @Passinyo

We give a fuck who the King of NY. . You see what happens when they cross us? Losses .. they taking losses. @FivioForeign


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Everyone out here acting like @PatrickMahomes is being rushed back... same people who used to choke each other out for fun when we were kids. #Mahomes #RunItBack

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@SiPhillipsSport we’ve been known, just tell us when this is all over

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Our #KC Chiefs never let us down, and here's to them doing it again this Sunday when they host Buffalo, go @Chiefs! #RunItBack #KansasCity #localcontractor

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Today is a great day! Only thing that matters right here and today! #RunItBack

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Did everyone see that @Chiefs beanie during the inauguration 😳😳😳😳😳 #RunItBack #ChiefsKingdom #Inauguration2021

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@Mathieu_Era Ima sit here like I just know that's for the lack of respect! #RunItBack keep the anger! Nothing more dangerous than a professional athlete playing with a chip that's been well earned!

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@PatrickMahomes is hitting the practice field today ✅ #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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New Kansas City Chiefs Theme Song OUT EVERYWHERE! Produced by @guvinchi_ #RunItBack

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History repeats it's self #AFCChampionship hey @Chiefs #BringitHome AGAIN have a great rest of the week #ChiefsKingdom #RunItBack

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Nashville recording artist and lifelong Chiefs fan @blanehoward joined Fescoe in the Morning to talk about his #Chiefs hype song " #RunitBack." Check out the Zoom interview and Blane's music video, below.

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Report: Patrick Mahomes ‘has no symptoms,’ will return to practice field today

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One year ago today @TheRealFrankC_ silenced the haters 🤫

#ChiefsKingdom | #RunItBack

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The Donald like Patriots (of course, him bandwagon fan). I like Chiefs - especially dreamy Travis Kelce ( @tkelce ) Hope him OK.

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