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@thehill “Lying is not protected speech” is exactly what you would hear from a totalitarian regime because anything they don’t agree with is lying and therefor not protected and eventually becomes illegal and one day a capital offense.

#Resist 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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@rootnk @saferprint @FairlyNiceLady @MaryHNJ @SamiaAliSalama @Annika_hopeful @sevedabo @palomacreative @h_craggs @mjcaggi2012 @BishirRenea @OpheliaShakesp4 @BrendaRachel444 @HeinzRudolf151 Thank you Dave👍 #Resist

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MSM wont show you what the Italian Restaurant owners are doing #Italianrestaurants #Resist

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Follow THREAD Up

#PostcardsToVoters #Resist #IDDEMS #idpol #idyoungdems #SWIdahoNOW #IndivisibleID #DemCastID #DemCastUSA #ReclaimIdaho #BABEVOTE #MaskUpIdaho #MaskUpUSA

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@ResisterForever @Tombones2017 @JustJackie054 @TamaraRNik @CrazyOldLady10 @Boldcreation @nwseal11 @keephope0 @proudliberal5 @bethdonz5 @RobWineski @LouiseLayton4 @OmFgOdDeSs @tinamichelehaze @ConnieBallou @BenthamzJeremy @lmp1019 @adnildyob @TrueloveJanet @about_saying #Resist #StrongerTogether

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#Resist the lockdowns! Live free!

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#FBRParty #FBR #Resist

#TrumpFreeSaturday !


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Check out Trump vs Democracy Revisited: Anne Applebaum on Authoritarianism
Totally worth a re-listen. Trump and his enablers are still a clear and present danger to our democracy! #Resist

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@barbiehiltz @GrandpaSnarky FBR = Follow Back Resistance

The #Resist part is the most important.

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LIVE in Toronto: Police attempt to block the path of anti-lockdown protestors, who simply walk around them

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Thank you for your service and dedication to the new generation of #Americans. True #Patriot is the right word here.

#We_The_People are resilient. #Resist.

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@TheBradBlog @jennycohn1 This statement is issued as a way of running for cover in hopes of escaping justice for actions and the accountability that is coming for all those who have propagated #tRUmp and the #tRUmpublican’s lies. It is time for accountability for all the damage they have caused! #RESIST

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.@Telegraph cartoon for Sunday 17th January 2021

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@GraemeStevens15 @MissHarrietLucy @DrHoenderkamp Yes my son has been seeing friends, parties etc since May - none of us had it. I would probs be naturally cautious at the moment - flu can kill me too - but that does not mean the entire COUNTRY needs to be in #lockdown ffs. This is inhumane - and it is #GreatReset. EVIL. #Resist

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Why are people just watching. These aren’t police, they’re tyrants! They aren’t upholding the law they’re breaking it! #DONOTCOMPLY #Resist

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Our latest album #Resist is available on iTunes buy it here

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Well after surviving #Charlottesville Summer of Hate, I feel armoured and motivated to fight fascism and White Supremacy even harder. See them for who they are and #RESIST

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The Goblins howled in fear and rage: ''Hurrican Irma is of epic proportion, perhaps bigger than we have ever seen.'' #bluewave #resist #impeach

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@mmpadellan Yes, unfortunately that's the model you #Resist clowns set in 2017

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@gatewaypundit #MAGA BOOING #Antifa #Soros thugs-Finally MAGA patriot steps in does AMAZING job-crowd start chanting”F***Antifa! …"...”…" TrumpWON! #Cnn @newsmax #cnn #AOC #SpeakerPelosi #MAGA #RESIST

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If you #resist please follow me and I will follow you back!

If you are or you support the #LGBTQIAfamily please follow me and I will follow you back!

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@robinmonotti @WAPFLondon If we wait for the government we'll never be free again. The risk assessment is ours and ours alone to make. Time to #Resist!

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and with all that planning it still failed spectacularly, backfiring on trump and getting him impeached for a second time... It doesn't have to be repeated..these men...all of them...are repeat losers... #resist

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@rob0349 @AZGOP Imagine being a dem and proud that we had to coin a whole new term for you neo-fascists #Resist #CancelCulture

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Classic Baguettes | King Arthur Baking We prepared for the worst and bought a 25 pound bag of flour in the Spring. Baguettes for the homeless this weekend. #Resist

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@ABC7 Is this the part where we start tweeting #resist ? Asking for a friend.

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I'll never get over Trump, Chad Wolf, Bill Barr and the rest tear-gassing peaceful protestors at Lafayette Square and the Wall of Moms in Portland for weeks, while turning a blind eye or gleeful to thousands of White MAGATs infiltrating the US Capitol to capture & kill Congress.

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Trump Being Abandoned by his Followers and Apologists

#LockUpTrump #January6th #TrumpisaMurderer #TraitorTrump #Trumpisaloser #Impotus #NotMyPresident #Trumpandemic #MAGAisTreason #PutinsPuppet #AbolishIce #TrumpResign #FireTrump #Resist #CloseTheCamps

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@DNC @GOP plan on #Installing a puppet #Dictator to the most powerful office in the world... #Americans who speak truth of #Fraud will be hunted down and silenced... #TheyAdmitThat ...this #administration cannot move forward. #Resist #FightForTrump

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Top Trump adviser Bannon created a "Stop the Steal" social media group on November 5.

Top Trump adviser Stone had coined the phrase.

Top Trump adviser Manafort's firm planned—with 3 top Trump allies—the January 6 rally Trump spoke at.

The insurrection was months in the making.

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Frump Bump: beat the haters! A portion of all profits go to the American Red Cross.
#frumpbump #resist @moveon

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Toronto police are arresting anti-lockdown protesters one by one.

If you have received a COVID fine go to

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#FBIWFO is seeking the public's help in identifying those involved in assault on law enforcement officers at the US Capitol on Jan 6. If you have info, call 1800CALLFBI or submit photos/video to .

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Italians have started to rebel against lockdowns and covid restrictions. Up to 50,000 restaurants and businesses have opened up without permission from the government.

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@aldotcom M ore
A ssholes
G ettin
A rrested

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ITALY: 50,000 restaurants and businesses open despite strict lockdown laws in place. Police in the video tell patrons to leave, they all start singing ‘freedom’ and refuse. The people of Italy have acted in unison and have been heard. 💪🏼💪🏼

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ITALY: #IoApro restaurant is open, police arrives. Customers refuse to leave & shout in unison "Get out! Get out! Get out! ..we pay your wages from our taxes, you work for us.. Get out! Get out! Get out!" #IOpen

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This National Guardsman is still teaching his Fairfax County students while protecting Washington DC. “Some kids are shocked at the uniform but we talk through it”

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Everyone should watch this video angle of antifa trying to smash windows.

The whole crowd is BOOING the two thugs doing it.

Finally a MAGA patriot steps in to deescalate (and does an AMAZING job), and the whole crowd eventually starts chanting “F*** Antifa, F*** Antifa!”

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