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Yeah, like you’re a high school drop out, who’s been in court almost as much as Fat tRump, you recidivist slob. Very soon you’ll be introduced to the federal penal (don’t get excited, not what YOU think) system. You’re no @SarahPalinUSA despite the get-ups. #GED #ResignBoebert

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@MeliMels99 You are not alone. By a long shot. #ExpelTheSeditionists #ResignBoebert #BatshitBarbieBoebert #GOPBetrayedAmerica #CapitolRiot #MAGATerrorism #MAGA #MAGATerrorist #14thAmendmentSection3

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@laurenboebert @Reuters Lauren gave a “tour” on the 5th even though she is denying it. #SeditionHasConsequences #ResignBoebert

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@laurenboebert @Reuters *Eyeroll* Here we go with the big scary caravans again. If I were you, I'd stop posting tired old BS and start looking for a good lawyer. #ResignBoebert

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@laurenboebert @RepBoebert Looks like someone is in deep doodoo. I bet this is why your communications director quit yesterday. #ResignBoebert

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@BeschlossDC Making reservations for a @HawleyMO fundraiser at Lowe’s
#ResignHawley #ResignCruz #ResignBoebert

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This is from July 2020. It should have received much more attention.

Boebert's Campaign Embraces Far-Right Militia Movement

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IF @RepBoebert doesn’t STOP this continued BASELESS bullshit with: “I’ll do what I want” attitude—then the #CapitolBuilding Police, Law, FBI & others— have GOT to hold an intervention with HER

@GOPLeader & @SpeakerPelosi EXPELL HER

#ResignBoebert or be EXPELLED

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@laurenboebert #ResignBoebert you are a Russian spy! We saw the proof.

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@laurenboebert @MrColionNoir You are not mentally fit to hold public office! #ResignBoebert

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@donwinslow @Yahoo It is VERY OBVIOUS that Boebert is GUILTY of trying to take over, and murder the Speaker. Not just leading tours, but Q, and the live tweeting of Pelosi's location, and her trying to carry a gun into the capitol. Her photos with insurgents from the past...

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@laurenboebert @Reuters 🙄STOP trying to deflect from your seditious activities #ResignBoebert

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#ResignBoebert #ResignLaurenBoebert @gop you're either for democracy or against it...Your choice??? #SeditionHasConsequences

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She assisted and her mom was there on the megaphone. TRASH

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@chipfranklin An insane asylum behind bars. #ResignBoebert

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@mtgreenee @realDonaldTrump #fucktrump #despicabledonald #TreasonAgainstAmerica #Traitor #ExpelJoshHawley #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump #insurrection #ResignBoebert #ResignGreene

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Damn straight and I think she is a clear and present danger to her colleagues. #ResignBoebert

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WOW! Those Mother Fu*ckers! #ResignHawley #ResignTedCruz #ResignGaetz #ResignBoebert #ResignMoBrooks #ResignJimJordan #ResignGaetz #ResignGoebert #ResignCawthorn

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Of course you wouldn’t @RepBoebert . What White Supremacist would. Duh.

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@laurenboebert Oh honey, 2016 called and it wants it’s conspiracy theory back. #DoBetter #ResignBoebert #QouCrazy

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@rmayemsinger @donwinslow @TomArnold I hope she is under arrest. She usually resides under a man who fathered her children and who also exposed his genitalia to a 16 yr old girl. Right @laurenboebert ? You may need to Google that "G" word. Not GED, genitalia. #ResignBoebert

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“She’s like Sarah Palin but somehow a lot dumber.” (Anonymous genius who wished she had moved from Twitter to #Parler for good)😤 #BoebertIsATraitor #BoebertResign #ResignBoebert

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They REHEARSED at other state capitols.


They were FINANCED.


They knew EXACTLY where to go.



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I was contacted by someone who I've confirmed works at The Capitol who told me the following:

Laura Boebert gave a “tour” on the 5th even though she’s denying it.

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Ted Cruz has no place at the Biden/Harris inauguration.

Pass it along.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert’s Communications Director has resigned, due to Boebert’s horrific response to the Capitol riots.

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Lauren Boebert's comms director resigned.

Boebert should have resigned already.

She is a wacked out traitor.

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GOP Rep. Lauren Boebert's communications director has resigned in the wake of the Capitol insurrection earlier this month, according to a source familiar with the matter

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I will not support Biden’s Open Borders under any circumstance.

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Deleting social media posts is considered consciousness of guilt by prosecutors.

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I think Lauren Boebert's stay in Congress may be mercifully short. She gave "detailed" tours of the Capitol to her QAnon-radicalized mother prior to the terrorist attack. (h/t @bywillpollock)

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In the next four days many documents regarding #Obamagate are expected to be declassified.

I say bring it on.

I’d love for POTUS to declassify EVERYTHING. The American people deserve the full truth for once.

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If @tedcruz and @Jim_Jordan and @LindseyGrahamSC as well as Satan's towel boy @mattgaetz can read, perhaps they should apologize for spreading the lies too. Would go a long way to healing the Nation, yes?

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Lauren Boebert should be held accountable for sharing the location of her colleagues. #ResignBoebert

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@Real_QL She’s @RepBoebert CO CD3 and has extremist ties. She needs to be investigated.
She tweeted “Today is 1776” on the morning of January 6.

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