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@jamisonhensley John can Strongly disagree with criticism of passing scheme but as a Ravens fan ITS 100% true. A Big Physical WR isn't JUST an asset its a NECESSITY else #RavensFlock will be right back here talking about what we can do to compete for a Superbowl.
Pt 1.

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Looks like a second level Read. Leaving it 3 on 3 with the running back left to out the run DE. Works out nicely with the WRs delivering on their blocks
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@HoodieRamey He either needs to get way more creative with the run scheme(unlikely) or he needs to come up with a more complex pass scheme involving time based throws. I trust Lamar more than GRo by far. Don’t make plays doubting his ability Ro. Draw it up like he’s mahomes. #RavensFlock

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#Ravens Will Prioritize Boosting the Passing Game, Deflect Critism - Sports Illustrated Baltimore Ravens News, Analysis and More

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Replying to @RussellStReport: The Ravens expected to have a few more years of lots of cap space to build around Lamar Jackson, but the pandemic had other ideas. @RavensSalaryCap with his huge annual offseason cap preview right here. #RavensFlock

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@Lj_era8 @Ravens It's awesome to see two opposing fan bases come together like this. Such a flip from what #RavensFlock went through in Tennessee. 😬

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It’s not up to John anyway! Eric needs to fire GRo #RavensFlock

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Yo all my followers go follow @bendackiw ain’t no reason this man only has 354 followers go get him to 400 at least #RavensFlock

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@DezBryant You coming to put in that off season work? #RavensFlock

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Joe Biden may be the new President, but he’s not the best Joe from Deleware. That honor goes to Joe Flacco. #RavensFlock #Inauguration2021

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Greg Roman is the problem and Here is my insight! #RavensFlock

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I still don't understand why let @markingram21 go we should of used him in the playoffs thats a legit VET aint to many RB over the age 30 that put in work like mark #RavensFlock

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...I think y’all forgot whose team this is #ravensflock

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@4N1toluv @jamisonhensley I’m right there with you sis. Pleas join me in prayer for our QB’s mental stability and safety on the field 🙏🏾✊🏾 #RavensFlock

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The Ravens offense is trash. So let them keep doing what they’re doing. 😆 #NFL #RavensFlock

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@blakrain_ @Jakelouque Harbs response in the most recent presser is the stubbornness that has plagued this organization (offensively). I pray my QB isn’t stagnant behind this foolishness #RavensFlock

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@Jakelouque I’m pissed bro, if I’m being honest. However at this point, we know exactly what’s next by the end of next year #RavensFlock #EDCWeTruzzz

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@sgellison We started our day with great news on the political front, and now this 🤬🤬🤬 #RavensFlock #EDCWeTruzzz

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Ravens want Lamar Jackson long term, won't adjust offense to appease pass-happy fans

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@jamisonhensley I’m deeply saddened for Lamar and the stubbornness of the staff. I’m praying diligently for the mental health and safety of my QB. #RavensFlock #EDCWeTruzzz

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@IngravenVids I’m excited we have the same sentiments then #TeamKeepItClean #EDCWeTruzz #RavensFlock

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Roman will be gone by mid season at MOST. Especially if he doesn’t start drawing up some good passing plays during games. As for Harbs tho, that’s my coach and will always be one of my favorites💯 #RavensFlock

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@jeffzrebiec I’m pissed.... that is all. #RavensFlock #EDCWeTruzzz

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Welcoming in the new Center to Baltimore!!!

Creed Humphrey - Pancake jr.

Pancake 👑 - @PRic508

Just doing some IOL watching excited about this guy's potential.
#RavensFlock #CFB #A22 #Sooners

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Baltimore is gonna miss you @markingram21 keep doing you bro 🤘🏼 #RavensFlock #ravenforlife

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Harbaugh: "Absolutely, we want Lamar to sign a long-term deal and be with us."

#Ravens #RavensFlock

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Please who sells black seed oil in Ibadan ,kindly retweet for me.
#Ibadan #KingTundeEdnut #RavensFlock #naturelovers

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#RavensFlock knows someone who Rivers is happy to not see again... 😂😅

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The #RavensFlock knows we're going to come back stronger next year. We believe in you Lamar.

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En conferencia de prensa John Harbaugh dijo que está totalmente seguro de que habrá una extensión a largo plazo para su QB Lamar Jackson. @maximoavance #NFL

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Scrolling through the timeline and sheesh, we really are one spoiled fanbase #RavensFlock

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Breaking: Philip Rivers tells the San Diego Tribune that he is retiring from the NFL after 17 seasons.

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Once a Raven, Always a Raven.

Thank you, @markingram21. 💜

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