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Also: you ask us why women don't report.

THIS. This is why women don't report.


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Everyone needs to read this. This is exactly why women don't report - cause when they do they almost always get treated like this.💔

Because of the CPS rapists are running free. And these men will re-offend.

We need #RapeJusticeNow.

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Reality is there's loads and loads and loads of rapists running free, aided and abetted by the CPS.

Even women with mountains of evidence get their cases thrown out.

We should all be shouting from the rooftops about this injustice!!


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What hope is there for women?

I can't find the words. Appalling. Disgusting.... I don't think there are words that sum up just how horrific this news is.

We need #RapeJusticeNow.

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Rape convictions in England and Wales have fallen to a new record low.

In the year ending March 2020, 99% of rapes reported to police resulted in no legal proceedings.

Read more here ⬇️

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‘They decided the jury wouldn’t believe me’: CPS accused of secret change to rape policy - previewing our case with ⁦@centreWJ⁩ against the CPS, which will be heard in the Court of Appeal this Tues & Wed #RapeJusticeNow

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🔊Join me this morn≈10:45 when @elliereeves & I are interviewed by @GloriaDePiero @TimesRadio re: nxt wk's landmark Judicial Review by @EVAWuk & @centreWJ. My personal rape case is spearheading our #RapeJusticeNow case against the CPS 4 their failure 2 prosecute cases like mine.

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G'morning!⛅ It's been a gr8 week as most imp bit of my Trump nightmare the nite afta his 2016 election came true 🎉

2day's 11yrs since I was 1st raped (normally a sad day) but nxt wk is our (@EVAWuk & @centreWJ) much anticipated Judicial Review 2 fight 4 #RapeJusticeNow! #MeToo

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Join me from 10am on @TimesRadio. We’ll hear from a woman grieving the loss of her dad from Covid, Sheila Bird from the @RoyalStatSoc, @elliereeves on falling rape prosecutions, @PBottomleyMP + @HarrietHarman on the role of MPs surgeries, 3 amazing young women who’ve been in care

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if you report a rape in the UK, only 3.8% will result in the prosecution of your rapist, and only 2.6% will result in a conviction. this is one victim in every thirty-eight (yes thirty-eight individuals) ever seeing their rapist sentenced. something has to change. #RapeJusticeNow

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So inspiring to see this force for change! Get donating if you can


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NEWS: We're in court again next week facing the CPS who we say have 'raised the bar' on charging rape cases. We're represented pro bono by brilliant @centreWJ and we need just a few more ££s to try and cover costs, can you help? Pls share #RapeJusticeNow

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One year on Twitter - thank you to my followers. I joined Twitter to help begin raise awareness for my upcoming campaign to change the definition of victim to include people conceived in rape. This year I’m building on this & thank you to @centreWJ - amazing!
#RapeJusticeNow 👊🏾

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Day 1 back at work and dealing with a case where the police are requesting a rape survivor provide her phone, social media logins, email login AND legally privileged correspondence in order to get her case investigated. This is not normal. This is not ok. #rapejusticenow

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In November, partnership with @centreWJ @Imkaan and @RapeCrisisEandW, we published an alarming report detailing the system collapse in rape prosecutions, across the police, CPS and the courts - Recs here: #rapejusticenow

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I’m optimistic that there is great change in the pipeline and the more people speak up, speak out and share their experience whether it be anonymously or not - all voices are important and need to be heard #RapeJusticeNow #TheNeedIsClear #2021

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@BrooksSanj @BRAINCURES @paulett20997141 @HiboWardere @BullyingAlberta @DrUmeshPrabhu @SpeakUpAtWork @MatthijsseAmy @Mon86352789 @ohferkreissakes @whistleblowerw3 @nickystevo @engenderedpod @dignityMA @TracyBoylin @DPocroianu @BanishFGM @HousingFirstUK @shesrideordie @kavitha007_ @couragecentral @houstongary @HelpLonger @TIMESUPNOW @TheLegalReports @Allanvaldoo @Queenlaakeli @epaphroditus14 @GoogleExpertUK @jjfreydcourage @drkatedevlin @Alyssa_Milano @VictimsComm @LexyTopping @VeraBaird @neilsonandrew @TheHowardLeague @EVAWuk @WB_UK @fawcettsociety @MC34990 @Hopetraining @goldylonglocks @tabithaplain @sussssan1 @MistressMaz @NiddrieNinja @AlliaPotestas @bindelj Incredibly sad and upsetting stats, but far from surprising unfortunately. Let’s fight for change. We need #RapeJusticeNow

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So important. We need #RapeJusticeNow

As it stands rape is essentially being decriminalised in the UK. Action is needed now!

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📢📻What else is there to do in Tier 3 but listen 2 me & @DrOliviaSmith b interviewed by @writtenbysalma on @BBCRadioLondon 2nite? We're talking about how #NeedIsClear 4 rape victims in the 🇬🇧 2 have free legal advocacy & representation so we can improve odds of #RapeJusticeNow.

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Tonight @BonnyTurner1212 & I are chatting to @writtenbysalma on @BBCRadioLondon about the need for free & independent legal support for victims of sexual violence.

Remember you can sign the petition here:

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"As a recent graduate and NHS worker, I don’t have the necessary funds to cover my legal fees meaning my case would remain closed without the man who raped me even being interviewed. Any contribution however big or small would be hugely appreciated"

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Pleas help Mary if you can. She's written more about her experience here:


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If you haven’t read latest report from .@EVAWuk .@Imkaan .@RapeCrisisEandW [email protected] then please do so now. Many overlaps in findings with our 2019 report which only goes to show why radical change is essential NOW: #RapeJusticeNow #MWNHub

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Yet another report (by .@Imkaan .@centreWJ .@RapeCrisisEandW & [email protected]) highlights the abominable handling of #rape cases within #criminaljustice system, inc. issues with #VRR.

@NazminAkthar discusses why we need urgent reform of #VictimsRightToReview:

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Now with the actual link -

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We've two new blogs 👇👇👇


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💥📢We are joining @justice4women in support of Farieissia’s appeal of conviction on Wednesday.

📝pls show your support by sending messages of solidarity 📝

#Feminism #RapeJusticeNow

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@centreWJ Exclusive: ‘Perverse incentive’ contributed to slump in rape charges #RapeJusticeNow
@Dorset_eye @BadPutty @RandolphTrent @nicky_NoPasaran @crimlawuk @suejonessays @celtjules66 @Pandypooch21 @irisstylosa @charlotteh71 @premnsikka

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Exclusive: ‘perverse incentive’ contributed to slump in rape charges

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This really matters - the Government is reported to be delaying the interim 'Rape Review' and new recommendations on how to improve rape justice until after our judicial review hearing with @centreWJ against the CPS in Jan 1/

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These survivor stories from Scotland are incredibly important. Powerful accounts of the justice system's failings and the devastating impacts it can have for victim-survivors and their loved ones. #rapejustice #rapejusticenow

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Justice Journeys: Survivor Stories now available online as part of #16Days. These remarkable stories deserve to be read. @VAWGRN @bsc_wccjn @bsa_vaw @ESCGndr @rapecrisisscot @UofGSPS @SpeakingOut_SWA

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“the whistleblower alleges that the CPS director of legal services, Gregor McGill, told prosecutors that taking 350 "weak cases out of the system" would boost conviction rates to 61 per cent”

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When rapists are not held to account many will repeat their attacks knowing the weaknesses in the system and planning their attacks accordingly


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We have a criminal justice system riddled with institutional racism and misogyny - the government must act and hold police & CPS to account

#rapejusticenow @EVAWuk @Imkaan @RapeCrisisEandW

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