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#NationFestival Reverend Barber/ “Stop Saying What Can’t Be Done...Don’t compromise before you’ve even fought.”

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#NationFestival Yes! We’d like to see a podcast done by Michael Bennett & Dave Zirin!

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#NationFestival Rev. Barber —“This is a movement moment not a quitting moment.”

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#NationFestival Reverend Barber—lays out real solutions and vision to heal and recover/

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#NationFestival If you had any questions as to why you need to listen/subscribe to the new @thenation SYSTEM CHECK podcast- listening to riveting conversation between @dorianwarren and @mharrisPerry

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#NationFestival @dorianwarren lays out why we should give DC and Puerto Rico statehood/! Gerrymandering looms -

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#NationFestival @dorianwarren speaks compellingly of how this is “a movement moment”

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Inimitable ⁦@MHarrisPerry⁩ ⁦@dorianwarren⁩ at #NationFestival talking about their new ⁦@thenation⁩ podcast/ SYSTEM CHECK — tune in‼️

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Looking forward to joining the #NationFestival's Final Morning at 10am today. Also, join to hear from Fergie Reid at 9:30, @dorianwarren & @MHarrisPerry at 11, @RevDrBarber at 1, @KatrinaNation at 2! Discounted day passes still available. Go to

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#NationFestival Final Morning Highlights: Fergie Reid at 9:30, @MonicaRamirezOH at 10, @dorianwarren & @MHarrisPerry at 11, @RevDrBarber at 1, @KatrinaNation at 2! Discounted day passes still available.

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Profound conversation by @EdgeofSports and @michaelbennett0 “We can’t fall in love with fairytales and not remember reality; African Americans have real superheroes, know them!” #nationfestival

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.@EdgeofSports asks @mosesbread72 (Michael Bennett) — (He sighs but has great ideas)— “How would you reform the NCAA” Listen at #NationFestival

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#NationFestival @EdgeofSports Powerful, humane & moving conversation with @mosesbread72

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#NationFestival @momsdemand @shannonrwatts. “This is strongest gun safety ticket that has run for Prez/VP-and there are executive action remedies that can roll back the damage Trump has done.”

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#NationFestival @shannonrwatts savvy founder of @MomsDemand “Women are the secret sauce of political activism” —(And its grassroots army are the worst nightmare of NRA-)

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Looking forward to @edgeofsports in conversation with Michael Bennett, a Protest Pioneer— #NationFestival today at 5:30

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#NationFestival Rick Steves engaging in fascinating conversation about travel as a political act—with @thenation contributor Sasha Abramsky— Steves’ comments on fear worth hearing/

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Looking forward to @shannonrwatts at #NationFestival in conversation with @thenation National Affairs Correspondent @joanwalsh

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#NationFestival Takota Iron Eyes and Chase Iron Eyes speak powerfully about the struggle “Beyond Standing Rock.”

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Join us TODAY: #NationFestival

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Today's Highlights: Walter Mosley at 10, @tokata_ie @ChaseIronEyes & @naomiAklein at 12, @RickSteves & @AbramskySasha at 1:30 @shannonrwatts & @joanwalsh at 3:30, @EdgeofSports & @mosesbread72 at 5:30! Day passes available!

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@KatrinaNation @SenSanders @NicholsUprising Yes I heard it during the #NationFestival!

It's a terrific idea. What's so brilliant about it is the PROFILE
#BernieSanders would maintain, because of the public profile he has gained since 2015, to use the bully pulpit on behalf of #labor.

Workers of the World Unite!

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Bernie Sanders @BernieSanders さんがリツイート

「今日東部時間6時に、アメリカの民主主義の未来と、経済的、社会的、人種的正義の問題を提起する労働者階級の政治の新たな展望について@BernieSanders にインタビューします。これは@thenation誌 の #NationFestival の一部です。」@NicholsUprising

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#NationFestival Interesting theme running through @thenation festival— from @SenSanders to Iceland’s Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir — the importance of coalitions-/

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#NationFestival @SenSanders — Seeks to redirect Pentagon spending to human needs....We need to look at budget, why are we spending more on military than 11 of next ten nations combined (some of them allies)...Far too few looking at Pentagon- “ Why no audit of Pentagon ?

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Bernie expressed interest in the job just now at the #NationFestival! ⁦@NicholsUprising⁩ explains what a ⁦@BernieSanders⁩ DOL could do:

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@SenSanders right now to @NicholsUprising on #NationFestival: "We're working very hard to elect Raphael Warnock in Georgia. Who BTW is a real progressive. And obviously I hope Ossoff wins as well." You gotta love him! @thenation @ReverendWarnock

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At #NationFestival @SenSanders acknowledges to @NicholsUprising he would like a seat at the table as Secretary of Labor in a Biden Administration-/ What Bernie Sanders Could Do as Secretary of Labor via @thenation

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#NationFestival @SenSanders “The Progressive movement is an important part of Democratic coalition...our ideas are extraordinarily popular...one way to mark that is include progressives in Biden admin...so at least we have a seat at table..we have earned it, our right, a seat.”

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#NationFestival @SenSanders @NicholsUprising “Sanders is a longtime media critic, “my critique of corporate media — These are large multinational corporations— Not necessarily bad people...But ends up ..they ignore issues entirely...whole areas of US life aren’t covered by “ them

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#NationFestival @SenSanders So true..”people are hungry for understanding, explanations for why they are hurting”...Not Trump’s pathologies...”Dems ...are going to have to come up with some damn explanation soon.”

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We've got @SenSanders in the house for #NationFestival and so we must take selfies! @thenation

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So pumped for this, sorry for the spam #NationFestival

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#NationFestival@SenSanders⁩ //He is a progressive populist...Talking root of Trumpism -/ “about forgotten men and women, without healthcare, perception that no one gives a damn about them, their pain is not being heard....people desperate and looking for a fighter.”

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I just love him what can I say?? #NationFestival

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I’ll interview @BernieSanders at 6E today on the future of American democracy and the emerging prospects for a working-class politics that raises up issues of economic, social and racial justice. It’s part of @thenation magazine’s #NationFestival

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