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How is it possible that @NHLTVSupport will blackout @NYRangers games in the Poconos, PA? There is only ONE way to watch games: an upgraded Sports Package and a Satellite on my house through DirecTV? No other Cable Provider offers @MSGNetworks. This makes no sense. HELP! #NYR

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#NYR prospect Eric Ciccolini named player of the game today.

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ℙ𝕝𝕒𝕪𝕖𝕣𝕤 𝕠𝕗 𝕥𝕙𝕖 𝔾𝕒𝕞𝕖

Hard Hat: Erik Portillo
Game Puck: Eric Ciccolini


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@Shannon_Hogan @AJMleczko @brendanmburke @NYIslanders @MSGNetworks @IslesMSGN I can’t top that, I don’t even wanna try. I’m still stuck on the fact that @brendanmburke pulled that out as we were spanking the #NYR #isles

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If the #NYR wanna get funky they could reach out to the Panthers and Offer Tony D , strome and some picks for Barkov and yandle

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Coming off a bitterly disappointing opening night performance, where do the NY Rangers go from here?

Here’s what it looks like David Quinn has in mind for the lineup — plus more thoughts on the decisions facing #NYR ➡️

@GardenFaithful @4EverBlueshirts

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Hey JD if Quinn is not on thin ice already you are kidding yourself. #NYR
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Seriously Ryan what did you learn Thursday night? You don’t show up you get spanked by grown ups? #NYR
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Rangers News & Rumors: Opening Night, Rooney, and More
#THW #Hockey #NYR

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Please #NYR fire DQ by the end of January because he is not the coach to lead us anywhere, but to the bottom.

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#NYR prospect recap 1/15/2021 🇸🇪 🇫🇮 🇺🇸

Jakob Ragnarsson: 11:19 TOI

Oliver Tärnström: 9:48 TOI

Lauri Pajuniemi: 1A, 8 SOG, 18:16 TOI

Brett Berard🥇: 1A, 2 SOG

Eric Ciccolini (Photo): 1G, +1, 1 SOG

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Meanwhile, us #isles fans are a bit happier today than #nyr fans 😎😁 #nhl #sprinklr

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“Old Days”Rangers Defensemen Harry Howell and Al Langlois talk things over as Coach RedSullivan watches the action during a 1963 game at the “Old” Madison Square Garden” #NHL #NYR #NYC #NYRangers #1960s

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#BuffaloSabres playing better hockey then the New York Rangers #NYR

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I know we're all mad at the Rangers but...are they going Reverse Retro tomorrow, I wonder? #NYR

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#NYR prospect Eric Ciccolini(no 9) picks up a goal against Ohio State today

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Eric Ciccoloni with the loose change, Blankenburg and Power the assists

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@coluccid2 They cant really be fans if they think that... give a brutha a chance #NYR

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I'd take Thomas Hickey over Jack Johnson any day of the week. #NYR

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NHL → Taxi Squad
Thomas Hickey (LD) | NYI

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If Kreider scores Saturday vs Isles we will GIVEAWAY this keychain! #nyr

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Crazy how the rest of these young teams are coming out ready to play. #NYR have to come out tomorrow like a bat out of hell and play with a ton of pride, regardless of who is in the lineup

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I just want #NYR hockey to look like all of the other hockey.

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1-2 games in, its time to put the torch up someones arse.
Who do you want to fire?
#Cofred #NYR #LetsGoBuffalo #Blackhawks

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Everyone blaming Jack Johnson. How biout we blame coach? Zero excuse for them to no show. They were no shows in the bubble. No shows on opening night. I see the pattern #nyr

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Again: Libor Hajek’s assignment to taxi squad makes his future more unclear #NYR #NoQuitInNY

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New York Rangers #NYR lose to Long Island Counterpart New York Islanders #Isles 4-0.

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After one game I’m still supporting Coach Quinn. #NYR

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Idk if I’m impressed w the #isles. I am impressed in how woefully unprepared the #NYR were to play though

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@jetzz21 @vzmercogliano who do they need? AV? i am not having this kind of problem with DQ yet. #NYR

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#FantasyHockey Quick Hits:
- Miller might be ready to go for Wednesday. #Canucks
- Kapanen still unavailable. #LetsGoPens
- Johnson returns for the #GoBolts
- Lafreniere replaces Kakko on L2. DeAngelo punished. Fox on #NYR PP1.
- Svechnikov down to L3. #LetsGoCanes

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On Wednesday’s the @gorangersradio podcast Rangers season preview we discussed DeAngelo’s impressive discipline, Quinn’s willingness to allow lines to develop chemistry & Jack Johnson’s outstanding defense. For more top notch analysis, listen here: #NYR

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Alexis Lafreniere, Rangers aim to turn tide vs. Islanders #NHL
#NYRangers #NYR #NYIslanders #Isles

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Note the start change for the #NYR at the bottom of the tweet

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My timeline is flooded with anti David Quinn tweets. Just imagine what it would be like if DQ joined Parler! The horror! #nyr

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UPDATE: The NHL has re-scheduled 10 games and changed the start times of 2 games. #GoStars will begin their season on January 22.

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Rangers practice buzz: Georgiev to start, Kakko demoted, and will DeAngelo be scratched? #NYR

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So, it's been one game, but who's impressed you so far? Gonna give early recognition to Noah Dobson, looked unreal and poised last night and to think he'll only get better! #Isles #BOA329

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Our @gardenofdreams youth know there is nothing quite like the feeling of cheering on the @NYRangers at @TheGarden! Good luck tonight #NYR! #OpeningNight #GoRangers #PlayLikeANewYorker #BenchBuddyMemories

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