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@ReallyAmerican1 #MoscowMitch , #LyingTed and @susancollins for having no courage in light of all the daily facts

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Remove #TedCruzCoupSupporter #14thAmendmentNOW
Hey @tedcruz Pay for your sins against democracy & America...A special #BibleVerse for you #LyingTed
-Everyone who makes a practice of sinning also practices lawlessness; sin is lawlessness.1 John3:4

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#TrumpInsurrection #GOP #RIPGOP #TedCruzIsATraitor #GOPComplicitTraitors #Trump #Inauguration2021 #JoshHawleyIsALiar #TedCruz #LyingTed #Biden

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@koletrain2 @tedcruz looks like the #SignLanguage interpreter on @NYGovCuomo briefings? If only
Arkady Belozovsky could replace #LyingRepublican #LyingTed @tedcruz in the #Senate?

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@tedcruz #LyingTed also love sedition and violent mobs!!!! Curious do you like your Doritos White only?

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Hey hey ho ho @tedcruz has got to go! #ResignTedCruz #LyingTed

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Ted Cruz has no place at the Biden/Harris inauguration.

Pass it along.

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@Despise45 @angie_keathly Tell #LyingTed to go back to Canada

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@acogguy You're likely too honest.
Normal folks can't lie at the drop of a hat.
Look at #LyingTed and #HawleyLies
They lied until they incited a riot, then they came back and lied some more.
US Senators.

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#LawyersGuild #ChiComKurt Schlichter, steadfast fluffer for #ChinaMitch McConnell, #LyingTed Cruz & Trump, fluffs more GOPers while forgetting or ignoring Trump Resorts has done the same to @michellemalkin and others.

#AmericansHaveNoStanding #CollaboratorsCollaborate

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@TheRealHoarse @drvolts The MSM is woefully incapable of parsing truth from lies when do the both sides dance. Only in the last few weeks have media outlets begun to call out the profligate mendacity of the right with regards bogus election claims. Cruz is a tool in his own league. #LyingTed

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#LyingTed Let’s make this trend!

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Tell me more about the principles that require us to allow giant corporations to participate in politics and silence us and us not to respond with the power we have?

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@tedcruz So not for you then #LyingTed ?

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@SenTedCruz #LyingTed , are you getting nervous now that the FBI knows what your up to?

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@lilmel33 @Lexximagic #RemoveOrResign #LyingTed🤥 #LittleMarco🤏
#LaurenBoebertKnew🤪💩 #RandPaul🤪🤬

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@AOC #LyingTed, his Senate colleagues as well as all House GOP who voted against certifying electoral votes should be subjected to a criminal process where removal from office should be the minimum repercussions!

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@TrueFactsStated your retweeting me got over 9K impressions... lol. I've "Never" had that many even on my bigger twitter acct ... ha. Love your sign & love it's getting noticed. #NativeTexan #TexasDeservesBetterSenators #TedCruzResign #ExpelTedCruzFromSenate #LyingTed

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It is not going away. You are a disgrace and a traitor whose unchecked ambition has made it plainly clear you are unfit for office. You are bad for Texas and the United States.

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@ladym38017 @UnitedNevada @ProjectLincoln @Loews_Hotels @HawleyMO Yes, but both barely won last cycle.
Beto O'Rourke will almost surely take #LyingTed this time after barely missing last cycle. @HawleyMO is desperate for cash, I think.

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@ladym38017 @UnitedNevada @ProjectLincoln @Loews_Hotels I see. I think we'll have to wait for the investigation to work its way out. Also, the trial of Seditionist in Chief in the Senate will say alot about what will happen to political opportunist @HawleyMO
I doubt he or #LyingTed will survive the next election cycle.

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@tedcruz You’re #disgusting #LyingTed #TedCruzIsATraitor .... don’t speak about standing to anyone .... you couldn’t raven stand to a #Seditionist #Traitor #trump he #incited #Violence and you were 👄 his 🍑
So please don’t give lessons in #patriotism

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@SenTedCruz @realDonaldTrump I repeat,don’t let @SenTedCruz attend @JoeBiden ‘s inauguration. #LyingTed #CruzResignNow

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Amazing how dishonest @RubinReport thinks that having #LyingTed @tedcruz, delusional @glennbeck and white supremacists @peterthiel and @TuckerCarlson gives credibility to his lies 😂

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I'm gonna love watching the GOP split start with, " okay, those with against trump over here, those with trump over there...not so fast @SenTedCruz." #LyingTed

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@tedcruz It shouldn't BE the party that backed an armed insurrection on our capital,by continuing to lie about the election! But we all know it is! You know why they marched up Pennsylvania ave.! Because of the lies ...YOU WERE TELLING THEM! Tell them the truth #LyingTed!

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.Trump was right about one thing... #LyingTed

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Ted Cruz wouldn’t stand up for his own wife - that tells you everything you need to know about him. Now we know he will betray our republic & his oath to the Constitution for his blind ambition. #CruzResignNow

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Don’t let Cruz attend the inauguration. His attempt at sedition and his incitement to violent insurrectionists should result in his expulsion from the Senate. He certainly shouldn’t be allowed at a celebration of the peaceful transfer of presidential power.

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Been talking about big tech censorship forever. We put together a compilation of the most relevant conversations with @peterthiel @tedcruz @glennbeck @BridgetPhetasy @michaeljknowles @DennisPrager @Timcast @michaelmalice @TuckerCarlson @TulsiGabbard...

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They wore Auschwitz shirts, erected gallows, and tried to hang the Vice President.

Your continued excusal and denial of Wednesday’s Neo-Nazi presence is abhorrent and dangerous.

The most healing and unifying thing *you* can do is take responsibility for your actions and resign.

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