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Why would any women wear or use products by a woman that participated in kidnapping brown skinned children, caging & abusing them, orphaning the children & allegedly trafficking or? @IvankaTrump #IvankaTheInsurrectionist #IvankaTheTraitor #TrumpVirusDeathTolk500J

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Something strange is going on with Ivanka's business and we need answers

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@NikkiHaley Lmao #ivankaforprison gave them contracts. Did you hit your head?

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@IvankaTrump Discovering your actions have consequences?
Too bad you didn’t have parents who taught you about LIFE.

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@RonPen1 Oh. Hell. NO!
#NepotismBarbie 👎🏾 #SpoiledElitist 👎 #SpoiledBrat #ElitistSnob #ByeIvanka #ByeVanka #BeBestMyAss #KnowNothing #TrumpCrimeSyndicate #TrumpCrimeFamily #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison #LockThemAllUp #LockThemUp #LockUpTrumpsKids #IvankaComplicit #LockHerUp #IvankaForPrison

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@dstiddypop43 No. That woman chose to be criminally selfish.


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EXCLUSIVE: When @ktbenner first told me about this story even I was stunned after 4 years of covering the Trump Administration. This coda is one for the history books.

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BREAKING from Bloomberg: Trump’s campaign paid organizers of the pre-riot rally 2.7 million dollars.

I forgot my history... what do we do to people who fund attacks on America?

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@IvankaTrump wow what a Legacy...PSST felons can't run for office...
#TreasonHasConsequences #IvankaForPrison

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Like, all of this is proven bs...


did she just create a LEGAL precedent on impeaching a president for "allowing his [child] to influence the domestic policy of a foreign nation and accept various benefits"?

...bc there's ~12 articles' worth of shit #IvankaForPrison did.

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NEW: former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign disclosed paying people & firms behind the January 6 rally before rioters stored the US Capitol *OVER $2.7 MILLION*—but secretive shell companies & "dark money" hide details of Trump ties to those protests

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I know a first daughter who wouldn’t let her Secret Service detail use the toilet? #IvankaForPrison

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I wanna take this to Kinko's / FedEx and have them make it poster-sized, so I can stick it up on my bedroom wall like when I was 13 and had Heather Locklear and Farrah Fawcett up there.
Not sure what my wife will say....

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I know a president who never would have made our troops sleep in a garage

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Seeing a Trump cry helps me sleep well at night.

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Let the Secret Service follow Trump's kids around, it will be easier to arrest them when the time comes, they can also testify against them when we need them to. #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #IvankaForPrison

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When you aren’t getting new followers on Instagram. #IvankaForPrison

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I love this journey for her.

#Ivankkka #IvankaForPrison #Ivanka #ComplicitCorruptGOP #Complicit #TraitorTrump #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump 😆#thebiggestloser #TrumpLost #TrumpLiedPeopleDied #TrumpLegacy #WorstPresidentEver

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My statement on introducing Articles of Impeachment against President @JoeBiden:

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@IvankaTrump You need to edit your header. You are no longer a personal assistant to daddy. #Grifter #IvankaForPrison #400DeadAmericans #MassMurder

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@CNNPolitics So those poor sods in security have pee at a gas station or @BarackObama's house..... #IvankaForPrison

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“With Trump gone, the head has been decapitated, but that doesn’t mean this is going away.”

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Is it just me or does @IvankaTrump look a lot like this muppet?

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Because they probably know they are all going to jail!!! Except the Maples kid..she is smart she has kept her distance! I wonder who is gonna watch Ivanka and Kushners kids when they are in jail for money laundering!!! #TrumpCrimeFamily #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump Got a little message for you “Daddy’s Little Girl” #IvankaTrump #Ivanka2024 #Ivanka #IvankaForPrison

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They are disgusting people! I hope they are shunned from polite society and spend the rest of their lives in prison. #TrumpTreason #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #ivankaforprison #treasonoustrump

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@aviberkow45 @IvankaTrump @washingtonpost BS, we know this directly. Also tell Daddy that no one wants to continue for your family's secret service. Hire your own security. You just dumped $32 million in IC where you are not wanted, so pay for your own fucking guards. #Grifters #IvankaForPrison

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I bet Ivank is more mortified this pic is out there than the #CapitolRiots and its victims. Boo freaking hoo! #IvankaForPrison

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@estellecostanza These fuckers wouldn't even let the Secret Service, assigned to save their lives, to use their toilets.



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Uday and Qusay looking sad. Crying Ivanka. Glorious indeed

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What a glorious day

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@TomJChicago Poor Kremlin Barbie now comes with crocodile tears.

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'After four long years': World leaders congratulate Biden, take shots at Trump

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Get used to this face @IvankaTrump, you be showing it a lot in court hun 😘

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@IvankaTrump Ivanka is running a PR repair campaign on Twitter and elsewhere after her crime family has been exposed in every way. She's ripped off charities, real estate investors, fashion designers, and even backs domestic terrorists; here is the real Ivanka:

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Ivanka lost her Chinese made Macys clothing line today. who cares about her failure? #ETTD

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This is INSANE: The federal government has been paying $3000/mo to provide toilets for Ivanka and Jared Kushner's Secret Service security detail because the Kushners wouldn't let them use any of the 6.5 bathrooms in their mansion

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