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New York #Islanders: Your # #ISLES starter tonight, @soroka_89....

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#Isles Twitter -

24hours later

"Why are these kids making so many mistakes!"

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All about the orange & blue tonight as we shine for the @NYIslanders’ home opener on Monday! #Isles  #ESBright

📷: leormichan/IG

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#isles lol

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This is quintessential #isles twitter.

Play the young guys.
Young guy costs the team.
I can understand they're young.
Blame the players you always complain about.

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Telling stat here. Sorokin will be just fine folks. #Isles

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#isles face Boston tomorrow at their home opener.

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@dudeksport Greiss w #Isles grał z 1, od tego sezony w Detroit, nie wiem z jakim numerem.

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2 games in. Greene is getting clobbered in possession stats (both games). Pageau on the bottom and near the bottom on each chart as well. Johnston at the bottom - dragging down jpg especially w young guy on other wing. Can at least understand dobson bc he’s young

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Per @StapeAthletic: Semyon Varlamov is dealing with a jaw issue, not so much the neck as it appeared last night.


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@stevekouleas @SiriusXMNHL Kouly. The #isles don’t play in Long Island, they play ON Long Island

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I hate Tom Wilson so god damn much. So much that if he was on the #isles he’d be my favorite player.... #WSHvsPIT

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Nice going Cluster F!! #isles

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After finally getting to watch the highlights I think it's fair to say Isles defense left Sorokin to rot. Can't blame him. The lack of roster changes also showed last night with piss poor offensive effort.
#Isles #NHL #ranting, #sorokin

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That’s what it appeared to be on first look last night. I have seen this first hand and where that puck hit him. That hit him low on the helmet. Tough loss. #isles

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@kahblanco1776 @brass_bonanza The reality is, some losses are just losses, while others cut deeper as they expose the foundational weaknesses of a team. This one is clearly in the latter, and thus the #isles Twitter reaction is justified. Maligning others simply to preserve one’s own optimism is a bad take.

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New York Rangers by the numbers: Game 2, 5-0 win over New York Islanders #NYR #ISLES - The best site covering the team just keeps getting better!

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With Varly injured, Sorokin becomes the starter which I'll enjoy quite a bit. However the old Manitoba Moose fan side of me really wants to see Cory Schneider take the crease. #Isles

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Watch it be the #Isles 😬

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Hey, players who think it's ok to wire pucks at your goalie's head in warm-ups. It's not and you're being stupid. Stop it. #Isles

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If your team claims Jason Dad Spezza let’s just say you, everyone you associate with, and your gma are all dirty ass narcs.

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Ranking Saturday’s NHL Jersey Matchups:
1. #Isles at #NYR
2. #Canucks at #CofRed
3. #LetsGoCanes at #LGRW
4. #LeafsForever at #GoSensGo
5. #GoHabsGo at #LetsGoOilers
Worst: #FlyTogether at #VegasBorn (Third, but I feel like Anaheim is the worst possible matchup for that jersey)

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This a ball point? You livin in the stone ages? I ain’t using that thing. #Isles

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🚨🚨🚨Breaking News: According to @StapeAthletic #Isles G Semyon Varlamov is injured with a jaw issue. No updates yet on how severe but stay posted.

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Hearing it's a jaw issue for Semyon Varlamov. Warmup shot caught him higher than it appeared on TV. No word on severity or how he feels today. #Isles are off and face BOS tomorrow at the Coliseum.

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Ilya Sorokin Made His NHL Debut And It Went Horribly #NHL #Isles #NYR #HockeyTwitter #Sorokin #Hockey

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It’s been awesome...only tough part is I’ve been trapped in the house for both runs and couldn’t go to any of the games...but I’ll take it either way!
#BillsMafia #isles

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@mytwinsNYC I know right, all those #isles fans lying yesterday about how they were gonna win again. The nerve

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@CarverHigh_ Bills and Isles first conference title appearances in 27 years within same season. Cool similarity

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Other notable goalies in their first NHL start:

Lundqvist: 3 goals allowed .889 sv%

Ryan Miller: 4 goals allowed .840 sv%

Corey Crawford: 5 goals allowed .853 sv%

Calm down #Isles fans

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my favorite aspect of blowout losses is when half of you tell me just to post poop emojis and the other half masochistically await the pain. well here you go.

final 💩 5v5 metrics, score adj from nst

33.75% attempts
0% high danger (omg)
29.08% expected goals


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