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Further, an analogous scenario would be the court-martial of a retired military officer for conduct while on duty. And courts have ruled that retired officers in said scenario can be recalled to stand court-martial. /3 #Impeachment2 #InsurrectionHasConsequences

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📌May come in handy soon: #impeachment2

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400 million going to WHO and dems have kicked the covid relief $ to Americans until March coz you know #impeachment2 is so much more important. January 2020 anyone?

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If that mail in stunt get pulled off again
history might be repeated

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If that mail in stunt get pulled off again
history might be repeated

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feed it to MAGA to make a bond fire
get one of those tee shirt cannons
that Trump used and toss them out
from the Capitol Steps
Everyone go home and burn their copy
in silent protest of Nasty Nancy
leader of the anti Trump

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@TimRunsHisMouth Sure b/c being in a pandemic that has killed over 400K 🇺🇸 & counting oh & don't 4get the insurrection 1/6/2021 mob white supremacist attack on Congress incited by #Impeachment2 #TrumpCoupAttempt
Might have something 2do with it @TimRunsHisMouth but of course ur not 2 bright .

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@LindseyGrahamSC is just as outraged that no evidence will be presented at the 2nd impeachment as he was that evidence was asked to be be presented in the 1st!


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It's being reported trump spent his first night as a private citizen searching for lawyers for #Impeachment2.

The team during impeachment 1 declined to represent him, & Rudy may be called as a witness, so he's out.

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The show trials for Political Rivals have begun! This reminds me of the Kangaroo Courts in the movie The Dark Knight Rises. $FB $TWTR #Impeachment2

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JUST IN: Facebook says it’s referred its suspension of Trump’s posting privileges to its Oversight Board, which could rule on whether the decision was justified:

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@IvankaTrump The dark night is over . #OperationTransformation , clean the house, clean our country, restore freedom,values , #BidenHarrisInauguration #GodBlessAmerica #Impeachment2

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@FrankLuntz Yes, and much, much less until @POTUS45 @realDonaldTrump is convicted following his #Impeachment2.

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@UROCKlive1 If you listen carefully, you’ll realize Rand Paul is a person who doesn’t tell the truth. #Clueless #Impeachment2 #TheBigLie

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@LeaderMcConnell And today, the #RepublicanParty of Kentucky called for an emergency meeting to require you to support President Trump and denounce the #unconstitutional #Impeachment2 proceedings. Have fun! Backstabber!

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@RicardoPerezFde Intentó de hacerle #impeachment dos veces, los cuáles nunca se concretaron 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 se quedaron con la gana los demócratas de hacerle #Impeachment2 lo que no pidieron lograr.

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@CarolLeonnig @joncoopertweets @NickMiroff Perhaps with #Impeachment2 he will be stripped of his own protection and the rest will fall.

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I never thought these would be relevant a second time! 🤣🤣 #impeachment2 #byedon #buhbyecheeto

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Your own caucus is pushing for #Impeachment2 you should listen to them.

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I think all the #trumpfamily are the #stupidone Including #jared weird uncle #rudy #kimberly & #DonJr the #druggieones (rumor is #donnie too) #Laura
#Barron to b decided
we only have to pay attention to #Impeachment2 #Legalindictments
#ByeDonnie #ByeMelania #GoodRiddanceTrump

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This is really preposterous As he walks out the door -Trump extended Secret Service protection to his adult children
#TrumpScewingTaxpayers even out of office. Well let’s hope the #Impeachment2 takes care of this for all of us #SecretService

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MORE NEWS : Sources tell us Trump *also* extended Secret Service protection to three former aides: Treasury Secy Steve Mnuchin, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, NSA Robert O'Brien. Officials can't recall another president doing this.
me w @NickMiroff 🚨

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I appreciated the conciliatory words of @POTUS Biden today, urging both parties to work together. If the Democrats go ahead with pushing for the impeachment of a president who has left office, it would only further divide our nation.

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What a month!!! 👀🤯
1) #CapitolRiots
2) #Impeachment2
3) #Inauguration2021
At least each week we've clearly gotten better & better......one more Wednesday left! Who knows what else we have to look forward to!?? 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ #January2021 #majortriumphs and #epicfailures

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#ExtraordinaryClaimsReqExtrEvid: #Trump& #AlexAzar opened Univ's to #SpreadCOVID& #NATURALHerdImmunity!


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As we are going to witness the swearing in of 3 New Democratic Senators, your life as it was is going to change.

Work, working into the evenings and possibly weekends!


How does that feel!!

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Trump Highlights 👀 #trumpleaving #trumplies #Trump Presidency #MAGATerrorists #MAGAts #TrumpsLastDay #TrumpPardon #Nixon #stephencolbert #AfterTrump #AttemptedCoup #ImpeachedTwice #Impeachment2 #USCapitol #BidenHarrisInauguration #cnn #newsmax #oann #InagurationDay

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Three Wednesdays in January

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I didn’t watch one second. I’ll just pitch a four year hissy fit. I’ve learned a lot over the past four years. #Resist #NotMyPresident #Impeachment2

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OFFICIAL: Former President Donald Trump is no longer immune from criminal prosecution.

Prosecutors, stand back and stand by.

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He will be back soon.... #Impeachment2

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President Trump flies above the National Mall after departing the White House on the final day of his presidency.

📷 Luke Sharrett / Getty Images

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And he’s out. Not in hand cuffs, but he’s out. #ArrestDonaldTrump #WorstPresidentEver #TrumpsLastDay #Impeachment2 #TraitorTrump

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We voted. He lost. He is gone.

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President Trump and Melania depart the White House

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Tiffany Trump chose a strange time to announce her engagement, but that's kind of her Trump brand

Tiffany is the strange one
Junior is the drugged up, sweaty one
Eric is the dumb one
Ivanka is the fake one
Barron is the cool one
Ted Cruz is the creepy one

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Trump is about to leave office with another record event!

Besides being the only president to be impeached 2x!

He will leave office with the lowest approval rating for a president!

Only 29%!

I'm kind of surprised it is even that high!


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