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#Hokies coach Justin Fuente says nobody's happy with 4-5 record. Adds he talks every Wednesday with AD Whit Babcock. Fuente says he believes everybody comprehends what's being dealt with this season (coronavirus particulars). Said it's nice to be at a place that values football.

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ACC has the six-day hold on Dec. 5 games. So, that mean we won't know about kickoff times/network info for Boston College- #UVa and Clemson- #Hokies until late next weekend.

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Fuente said negative outside noise is out of his control, so he doesn't worry about it. "What I can do is do the best job for our players"

Said it's nice to coach at place that "values football." But won't let it influence operation. Says nobody's happy about 4-5 record. #Hokies

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Virginia Tech #Hokies HC Justin Fuente says he hasn't heard or seen much of the negative fan perception. Notes that he enjoys working at a place that 'values football," but understands the expectations. Says no one is working harder than the players, coaches and staff.

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The ACC placed a six-day hold on the release of all television slots for the week of Dec. 5, so we’ll learn the kickoff time for #Hokies and Clemson on Sunday.

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Fuente says he’s unable to control what the fan base says on social media and that he hasn’t listened or read the criticism that #Hokies fans have given him recently.

“What I can do is do the best job I can do for the players. It’s nice to coach at a place that values football.”

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Fuente says he talks with AD Whit Babcock every Wednesday.

"I think everyone understands what we're dealing with. It's pretty evident every single day. Being on the ground floor highlights it even more." #Hokies

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#Hokies football coach Justin Fuente said he talks with AD Whit Babcock every Wednesday: "I think everyone understands what we're all dealing with. ... You can imagine what the administration's dealing with."

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Virginia Tech #Hokies HC Justin Fuente on Administration and Conversations with AD Whit Babcock "We talk every Wednesday. I think everybody understands what we're all dealing with. It's pretty evident every single day. Being on the ground floor highlights it even more."

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Some of y’all twisted ass Kool Aid drinkers think we don’t care about the players , we love the kids . They not getting properly lead and developed . Them coaches get paid millions . We gonna criticize their failures #Hokies

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Fuente said getting OL Doug Nester back will provide more flexibility at the tackle spots since he's worked/played some there. He didn't play at Pitt. #Hokies

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Fuente confirms no #Hokies have decided to opt out in the last week and he hasn't had any of those conversations with players in the last week.

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#Hokies coach Justin Fuente on virtual press conferences: "I'd rather, believe it or not, see you all."

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Fuente said "We'll see" when talking about #Hokies OT Christian Darrisaw's prognosis in terms of playing against Clemson. Didn't practice last week. Wanted to go to Pitt and try to play. Wasn't able to play.

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Good news for the #Hokies and Mike Young. Cone’s been in a boot for a little while now.

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Virginia Tech #Hokies HC Justin Fuente on any additional opt outs "I haven't had any conversations in the last week."

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Virginia Tech's Jalen Cone (foot) is expected to play in Wednesday's opener against Radford, per Mike Young.

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Fuente called this the "hardest year to improve" for everybody.

Non-traditional offseason, no spring ball, strange preseason camp, guys coming in and out due to COVID-19 protocols, no open week until now. #Hokies

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Virginia Tech #Hokies HC Justin Fuente has been optimistic about CB Jermaine Waller's return week-after-week, but now says he is unsure if he will get back on the field this season as he is still dealing with injury. Says the door is still open for his return.

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What's the over/under for players that test positive after they come back? 20? 30? #hokies

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#Hokies coach Justin Fuente said he will allow players to leave Blacksburg and go see their families for Thanksgiving, if they're close enough: "These kids have already sacrificed a tremendous amount." Will talk to them about being safe, and the risks re: COVID.

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Fuente said the #Hokies won't require players to stay on campus for Thanksgiving.

Said he'll encourage them to understand importance of how they act and who they're around but won't tell them what they can and can't do. Thinks they deserve that for what they've gone through.

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Virginia Tech coach Justin Fuente: "I'm not going to lock them up" when talking about kids going home for Thanksgiving, encourage them to recognize what's going on with COVID, but "they've sacrificed plenty"

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Fuente said he doesn't know if #Hokies CB Jermaine Waller will be able to get back on the field this season. Dealing with injuries.

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Fuente says the "door is still open" for CB Jermaine Waller to get back this year, though he's not sure if that will happen. Waller's been injured all year, though the #Hokies haven't gotten into what specifically has been bothering him recently.

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#Hokies football coach Justin Fuente on injured CB Jermaine Waller: "I don't know if he'll be able to come back or not. The door's still open."

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Virginia Tech #Hokies HC Justin Fuente on if players are bought in "Our guys have been great. The whole thing is unprecedented. From the year not counting in terms of your eligibility to the opt out status to playing a delayed schedule... Our guys have done a great job so far"

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Fuente said the team will practice Tuesday and Wednesday after being in the weight room today. Off Thursday and Friday, meetings Saturday, game prep for Clemson begins Sunday. #Hokies

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Justin Fuente, who's team is the only one in the country who has played the last nine weeks: "It's been as long a stretch as I can remember." Players will be off Thursday and Friday and return to meetings Saturday. Thinks team needs to recharge. #Hokies

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#Hokies coach Justin Fuente is speaking to reporters via video conference on Tech's open week on its schedule.

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#Hokies football coach Justin Fuente said team will practice Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly working younger, less-used players. Players are off Thursday and Friday, return for meetings Saturday.
"We need to hit recharge a little bit."

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#Hokies head coach Justin Fuente’s weekly press conference is going to get underway in a few minutes. Should be interesting.

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#Hokies head coach Justin Fuente will speak to the media in about five minutes. This will be his second appearance with the media after Virginia Tech’s loss to Pitt. I’ll have updates for @3304Sports ⬇️

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It's a #Hokies mailbag week. I figure this might get a few questions. Get them in quick so I can write this early enough this week to give my editor a much-deserved day off on Thanksgiving. (Oh, and me too.)

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One of the 2020 #Hokies🦃⚽️ in-game features had student-athletes playing - “Name That Baby!”

Here’s episode No. 1.

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tipoff is noon for those of you who don't know! #Hokies

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#Hokies here is something we can get on board with this week...BASKETBALL SZN IS BACK THIS WEEK!!

Can’t wait to watch year 2 under Coach Young


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Play It's Contagious! - a game that makes debunking COVID-19 rumours fun.

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