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This is why we need #opensource tech & #feministtech solutions like @dripberlin trusting this lucrative person health data to anything else is foolish/dangerous. #menstraltracking

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Unfortunately capitalism, in this capitalistic society, will always win over upholding user/data privacy. For these companies, market share and money, lots of it, is the only thing that makes sense. Smh

(H/T: @cindygallop for sharing the article)

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What a gem! Quick favs so far...
✅ Are Men Talking Too Much tool
✅ Brainstorm Journal Quarterly, a Kenyan feminist e-publisher
✅ Gender de-coder (finds gendered wording coded in job ads)

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Let’s start with this essential piece from @zararah on how the default “user” is moving from being a white cis-gendered heterosexual man, to including other, diverse possibilities for human preferences and needs. #TechTuesday

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Gave a presentation in class this morning about misogyny in tech culture and why it's so hard to change, and then saw this. I think we need to grow new #feministtech cultures, not just force women to be warriors in existing ones. #ISupportTimnit #BelieveBlackWomen

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I was fired by @JeffDean for my email to Brain women and Allies. My corp account has been cutoff. So I've been immediately fired :-)

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@Ladysmith Sr Researcher @JZulver shares the #feminist research behind #CosasDeMujeres to Columbia University policy students, discussing our policy recs for a more just humanitarian response based on #genderdata collected through #CDM.

@ColumbiaSIPA #GenderDataKit #feministtech

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@tabithagold first book ‘How to Talk to Robots’ just landed on my doormat, bang on time for my rainy Hallowe’en weekend away to #Brixham 🤗🤖🎃Hopefully not too spooky a read! #ai #agi #feministtech #techforgood #genderdatagap #gendertechgap

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Bakal ngobrol tentang Reimajinasi Teknologi Feminis & Autonomus di webinar PurpleCode bareng Visca & @purplerebel 💜🖤

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Check out ! Featuring many of our amazing campaigners 💜, our Feminist Tech eXchange, the Feminist Principles of the Internet and so much more!

Hit the Submit button to share a cyberfeminist contribution! 💌

#cyberfeminism #feministinternet #feministtech

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Check it out 📢👉🏾 is a great hub of all things #feminist and #digital! You will find some great resources including work developed by RESURJ members! #cyberfeminism #feministinternet #feministdata #feministtech

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We’re live! →

Commissioned by @rhizome for @newmuseum, Cyberfeminism Index is a growing database of global cyberfeminism(s) from 1990–2020.

Developed by the very best @angelinemeitzler, with frontend support @neen02020 + PDF help @broskoski

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With the FTX convenings, @APC_News strengthened the capacity of feminist digital safety trainers! It is vital to push for a feminist approach of #digitalsafety.

#feministinternet #FeministTech

#APC30 #APCvision

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What did we achieve in the last 4 years?

We built the capacity of feminist digital security trainers through our FTX Convenings.

#APC30 #APCvision #TechDevelopment

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Algo para red de @Actua_Pe? Algo para gente de @FRIDAfund, @majandrraa? @roosdebildt @rachelannyes @theworldweare know anyone who might be into this...?
#FeminisCoders #FeministTech

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Do you want to work with me six months, coding affirmative actions in systems, for gender and racial justice? Alliance is looking for Tech Fellows! #AI #Feminist #Inclusion Please share broadly!

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We're live!!! 💻 welcomes you to protest against #sexualharassment in @MetroCDMX. Raise your voice and make the problem visible 💪🏿💪🏽💪🏻
#FeministTech #enoughisenough #GenderEquality

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"A lot of women turn to the internet for information on sexual and reproductive health, and the lack of accessible formats make it even more difficult for wwd. This is a feminist issue, a disability issue, and a tech issue" - @thecatlyf

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Thank you @chenaichair & @webfoundation for sharing your important research on the digital #gendergap & women’s meaningful internet access at today's #EQUALSinAccess learning session. 🙇🏽‍♀️📲 Looking forward to reading the full report!

#feministtech #genderdata #GDK

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In our #EQUALSinAccess Learning Sessions today, @Webfoundation showed that in the four countries, women were more concerned about their privacy online than men, and they were not creating as much content online. Join us:

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Looking forward to tomorrow's (early!) learning session on the digital #gendergap w/@chenaichair.

#feministtech #digitaldivide #EQUALSinAccess

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Looking forward to listening in on tomorrow's #EQUALSinAccess learning session w/@chenaichair on the digital #gendergap 📶🙇🏽‍♀️—an issue we've been thinking hard about as @Ladysmith continues to expand our digital #GenderDataKit in #Colombia.

Who else will be tuning in? 🙋🏽‍♀️

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🥳 The countdown is over...! Learn more about the process behind FRIDA’s new website here! ⬇️ #FeministTech #OnlineSafety #Accessibility #Sustainability #Decolonization

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IT IS FINALLY HERE! 🎉🎉I am so happy and proud to see this in fruition--@FRIDAfund has a brand new website, look and browsing experience.

Here's why it's so different, revolutionary and a lesson on how website developments ought to be. A thread! (1/10)

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The FRIDA team has been working hard to put together a brand new website that represents our commitments to safety, #feministtech, sustainability, art & creativity. It was Developed by Steffania Paola, a hackfeminist activist and hosted by Cl4ndestina, a feminist activist server!

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Sign up for our newsletter to know what's going on at Chayn. We only send a few newsletters a year. #techforgood #feministtech

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Thank you @turn_io for this fantastic opportunity!

We're excited to apply these new tools as we continue expanding #CosasDeMujeres, our #GDK mobile platform that connects Colombian+Venezuelan women to #GBV-related services while collecting #genderdata.

#FeministTech #ICT4D

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This book is all truths. Like FLON said though it isn’t telling us anything we didn’t know.
Enjoy it Nyeuvo. Let’s make time to tweet chat on it 😉
#DigitalInclusion #DataBias #FeministTech

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Finally, got my hands on the book that @FirstLadyNam and @Nashilongo keep talking about.

Reminiscing the Women Rights Online Report on Namibia by @ISOCNamibia #ICT #DataBias #Inclusion

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Today at #RightsCon! We will be discussing funding, power and feminist tech with an amazing panel. Thank you so much to @EngnRoom for the invitation #feministtech

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In just under 1 hour, I'll be talking with @tecaperosa @bajpaes @eleag @Red_Led68 about power asymmetries in funding of the tech/ #humanrights ecosystem at #RightsCon! Join us, link below:

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"How can we build technologies based on feminist notions of consent? And going beyond consent, how can we use feminist frameworks and values to question, imagine and design technologies?" @joana_varon in @deep_dives

#feministinternet #FeministTech

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This is fantastic. Check out #FRIDAsTechPrinciples! 👇

Just as #feminist perspectives are critical for shaping what type of data we measure and value, so too are they needed for shaping how that data is collected and used. 📲💻📡

#feministtech #feministdata #genderdata

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Love this so much! Support feminist tech and impact! #feministtech #SocialImpact #womenintech #WomenInSTEM
@FRIDAfund @impactmapper

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Over the past 18th months, @FRIDAfund has reflected on the approach to data and technology in a context of rising gender based violence online. Click on the link below to see the results and support #FeministTech

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As we continue to move online given the health crisis here are some principles to guide data & tech use from @FRIDAfund #FeministTech

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Brighten your day and educate your mind by reading about these tech principles deverloped with much care, time and love by team @FRIDAfund! Also, @elboumstudio's illustrations makes everything so much cooler! 🌼 #feministtech #feministinternet

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👏🏽Technology for liberation & not oppression, safe and open tech for young feminist movements, privacy is a right & a collective responsibility, accesibility is key, nothing about us without us... 👏🏽 check out @FRIDAfund’s new #feministtech principles!

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Really proud to have led this process accompanied by amazing #feministtech orgs like @EngnRoom and by the amazing @FRIDAfund staff team who gave all their input, reflections and care in this process. #makingafeministinternet

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Over the past 18 months, FRIDA staff have engaged in a deep reflection process on the technology we use & today, we published the results! Click the link to see #FRIDAsTechPrinciples!

Art by the wonderful @el.boum (on instagram) #FeministTech

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Check out the brilliant @westerbergae on feminist product design! #feministtech @AMWersun @NoraLindstroem @PaolaElefante

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Happy memories from the world before lockdown. If you didn't get a chance to see my talk on feminist product design at #interaction20 - check it out on Vimeo instead! Highly recommended watching my co-speakers in the identities track too, they were all ace. @ixdconf @IxDA

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What a fantastic & fun #TechForGood event celebrating the brilliant achievements of @ChaynHQ over the last seven years. Congratulations @herahussain and team, thanks for sharing your journey and the exciting opportunities that lay ahead. #feministtech 🙌🏽

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Tomorrow we're hosting a special event to talk about the lessons we've learned from running Chayn over 7 yrs & what we'll be doing in the future. If you're interested in #techforgood, #feministtech or run a service for survivors of abuse, this is for you!

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Want to know what we'll be doing in the next year? Big changes are afoot. Sign up for our event on Thursday! Speakers include @herahussain @Dama_Yanthy @ElleSilvestrini @nooreenmanzoor. #techforgood #feministtech

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This is a not to miss opportunity to learn more about @ChaynHQ. #feministtech #signup!

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I'm so excited about this. We're going to share our biggest news yet and you'll get to hear from many of our project leads about what's working for us. Sign up Sign up! #techforgood #feministtech

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Our friends at @ChaynHQ are running an online event to talk about their journey and achievements in feminist tech and what's on the horizon. We'll see you there!

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And this is why the world DESPERATELY needs more women and diversity in tech. Having poor representation in tech is -> useless solutions, wasting $$$ , serving only 50% of the population #feministtech @equals

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We all occasionally worry our projects don’t deliver the intended benefits.

But take comfort in seeing how Apple have spent millions on machine learning and hired some of the finest minds in the industry in order to offer this quality of insight.

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