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When will #Democrats be honest? In #America we live by the #Bible and the #Constitution . Maybe they should pick them up and refresh their knowledge. In my opinion, they should choose the Bible first, #10Commandments
Love Thy Neighbor
This is exhausting and really needs 2 STOP!

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Governor @GovofCO @jaredpolis and @JoeMBarela are just your typical creepy, slimey #Politicians always someone elses fault! #bureaucracy #Democrats

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#Boycott ALL Nordstrom Stores. Nordstrom has sided with LYING #Socialist #NancyPelosi #Democrats & banned GOP #POTUS #TRUMP & his family business. #Nordstrom main store South Coast Plaza is filled with Conservative #GOP Orange County Calif. Shoppers & NOT NancyPelosi's Democrats

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Thank you #Democrats for this. They should call each other asshat, that's gender neutral. #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #DemocratsTheEnemyWithin

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#Boycott ALL Nordstrom Stores. Nordstrom has sided with LYING #Socialist #NancyPelosi #Democrats & banned GOP #POTUS #TRUMP & his family business. Nordstrom main store South Coast Plaza is filled with Conservative #GOP Orange County Calif. Shoppers & NOT NancyPelosi's Democrats!

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Go ahead and police this, John.

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This is a democrat. This is a recipient of kamala’s freedom fund support. This is a product of mad maxine. This is eric holder’s kick em strategy guy. This is arianna pressley’s king of unrest. This is the democrat party.
#Democrats #Biden #BLM

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If essential workers aren't ridiculously high on the vaccination list I will mock yall. #Democrats

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I bet @RudyGiuliani knows! #Resistance #Days #RemoveTrumpNow #Democrats #democracy #TrumpImpeachment #CrazyConspiracies

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Thanks, 𝙾̶𝚋̶𝚊̶𝚖̶𝚊̶ Biden. #Democrats. Your desperate grab for power threatens doom upon our country. You think this old fuck has what it takes to keep #RocketMan under control? Godbless.

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@RastaRedpill Don't forget the #Democrats would not allow them in to protect the cities burning in the summer. They do NOTcare about us commoners
#America is on life support and needs a miracle to heal! #Prayer

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#NancyPelosi should weep for the 60,000,000+ #aborted babies that she, the #DemocraticParty and #PlannedParenthood have slaughtered in their #abortion #Holocaust

weep for the 20,000,000+ #black babies murdered in #Democrats #genocide of #AfricanAmericans

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@nprpolitics And the #Democrats stoop to a new petty low

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#Democrats are “sore winners”” and dangerous to our right to exercise free speech!

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What if this barbed wire fence isn’t to keep “protesters” out during the #BidenInauguration ... what if it’s to keep the prisoners in?!

The #Democrats are guilty of treason and they know it! This would be the perfect trap!!!

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Don Lemon is OPENLY A SEXUAL PREDATOR according to the young man who is suing him.

#CNN #DonLemon #Democrats #Libtards

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The #Democrats need “war-time” leaders.... I’m sorry, #Pelosi and #Schumer are NOT the ones. It’s game time from here on end.

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A question for US politics & all #Democrats , has #RupertMurdoch the #WalkingScrotum been charged with being No1 ring leader in the US coupe attempt ? if not why not? To kill a snake you must cut off its head!

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The #democrats were more upset about the #capitol riots than all the riots last summer! Why? Because their home/work is more important than yours. #Corruption #DemocratsAreDestroyingAmerica #corrupt #theydontcare @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris

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And the #left #cattle will still follow the herd. Those #cattle are too stupid to know they have been bred for slaughter.... They are somebody else's food, they are not top of food chain. Stupid #leftist #democrats, so damn stupid they are.

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@rebeccaballhaus #Progressives #Democrats #Moderates - Remember these 10 Republicans when they are primaried by a Trump supporter. Consider giving during their PRIMARY so we can let all #Republicans #Conservatives that you can stand up against #extremist & #traitors.

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@vox_sara @mcovey36 @IngrahamAngle The possibility exists that election fraud occurred. The fact that #Biden has failed to even secure the #Democrats nomination multiple times, hides in his basement all year, and turned out record number of voters in 2020 is suspicious enough alone. Millions of people think so

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North Korea boasts new submarine-launched missiles as 'world's most powerful weapons'
@JustTheNews @jsolomonReports

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@CNN Its a good thing he was able to get away from all of those BLM and Antifa rioters. #democrats

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Many #Democrats criticized President Donald #Trump and even called for the removal of several Republican lawmakers for objecting to the #Electoral College vote on Jan. 6. They claim that it undermines democracy.
Full video:

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OMG Your guest is correct @MSignorile We don't go back and claim a #Black or #Brown person was just inspired by the wrong person of why they did a bad thing WeNeed Equal treatment in this country U pay the cost when your wrong #Democrats #MSNBC #CNN

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The #FBI #CIA has often sided w/ #democrats, one can wonder how effective &transparent they’ll be in investigating the “uprising”? 2 call them #Trump’s supporters is it far reaching?. The release of the latest classified docs is chilling. To trust or not?

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@jakedaflake @IngrahamAngle So everyone who supported #Democrats is complicit in the riots that took place all last year? Your logic doesn’t pass the #CommonSense test. Just because someone voted for #Trump doesn’t mean they condone violence. #Truth

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#democrats @TheDemocrats need to know about @club4growth and make legislature/laws to stop them, this is not okay #GOPComplicitTraitors

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@Real_G2DAZ @xformed The rehab clinic of Beijing for drug addled pedophile sons.
#Biden #crime #BidenCrimeFamilly #Democrats

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I’m attending Grassroots #Democrats HQ’s event, “ #NationalDayofService #VirtualFoodDrive” – sign up now

#MLKDay2021 ! #helpOthers

#PresidentBiden #VicePresidentHarris

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@PamelaGeller The double standards of the democ- #rats (aka #democrats). When they were destroying cities, they didn't want troops, and specifically wanted their #ANGRY minions to be allowed to vandalise. Now they welcome troops to stop peaceful #TRUMP supporters.

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Digamos verdades:
1 Tras ganar las elecciones #Democrats andan como marrana estrenando lazo.
2 @POTUS las perdio por soberbio, pero @IvankaTrump es peor, y no te presta ninguno de sus 7 baños
3 @ladygaga y @JLo cantaran en la posesión de @JoeBiden , y sera lo ultimo que hagan

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#Protests Allowed ONLY for #Democrats

@SenateGOP @GOPLeader
@HouseGOP @GOPHouseOfRep



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Hey @MSignorile It's going 2 be hell getting rid of so many disgusting #Police who many do not belong on the force & that are a real problem 4 the good officers They have got 2 EXPOSE those who don't belong NoDoubtAbout it #Democrats #MSNBC #CNN

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Tremendous amounts of information coming out...

Here is a start:

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We STILL don't know what happened to those votes that were lost at the post office after significant and documented voter suppression efforts.

What we do know is that Donald Trump cheated and still lost.

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I'm just waiting for the handbasket........🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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A tearful Pelosi announces an investigation, says:
"If in fact it is found that members of Congress were accomplices to this insurrection, if they aided and abetted the crime, there may have to be actions taken beyond the Congress in terms of prosecution for that."

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👉CNN still has not issued any retractions
👉ABC still has not issued any retractions
👉Political still has not issued any retractions
👉Snopes still has not issued any retractions

🤬Facebook still censoring posts with phony fact checks from the above sources.

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Everyone is saying do not protest! Do not go to DC! Military is out in full force!


Also saying, Republicans stay home! You are silenced and don't have a right to protest the fraudulent election.

Our Democrats are allowed to have a voice!


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WATCH: Crews add barbed wire to fences near U.S. Capitol on Thursday (1/14). Special security measures are in place around Washington, D.C. ahead of the presidential inauguration next week @CBSNews @cbsnewspath

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Another Karen at an “essential” business fighting for her rights to shop for cheap (yet overpriced) make-up and hair conditioner that smells like a terrible blend of lavender and honey without a mask.

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