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This is not an attempt to express any less outrage on what #POTUS45 did - Not just on 1/6

#ConvictTrump #LockHimUP #ConvictTrumpNow

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First thing presented at the #2ndImpeachmentTrial should be this video. Then bring out the #KatiePorterWhiteboard and start drawing arrows, illustrating the connections from one name and incendiary action to the next.


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“Trump’s presidency has ended. So, too, must his ability to dodge the consequences.” #ConvictTrumpNow

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@marcorubio you do t hold him accountable, his Act II, with your obvious help will end American Democracy as we know it! Yes, it’s political! So was the #BigLie you Republicans perpetuated! #ConvictTrumpNow

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Let me get this straight @GOPSenate is arguing an impeachment trial would be a distraction but holding hearings on baseless claims of voting irregularities is not a distraction. This is not even worthy of being labeled spin. It’s...just...plain...stupid. #ConvictTrumpNow

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We should do Trump a favor because no where is anywhere going to want him to move in.. just send him to jail. That's where he belongs. #ConvictTrumpNow

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@RoblesArtist Exactly! They never cared that Trump's hateful rhetoric divided the country for 4 yrs. #ConvictTrumpNow

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@TrumpluvsObama @gburg60 Following you 🙋‍♀️hello from Texas

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@copter_chief @GOP Since the despot is no longer president, can't he be subpoenaed? #ConvictTrumpNow

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@GOPSenate arguably your most important duty as Senator is to convict a President that has threatened your lives and the democracy you have sworn to protect. If you can’t fulfill this constitutional obligation then please resign the day after you fail the nation. #ConvictTrumpNow

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We now learn that Trump funded the deadly Insurrection to overthrow the election. The only remedy to preserve Democracy is Conviction and a Lifetime Ban from ever holding Public Office.

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@LindseyGrahamSC Can't just acquit the SOB this time can you Lady G? You're not in charge. You're not making the rules this time. What was done should NOT be forgotten. It should be PUNISHED! #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ConvictTrumpNow #TrumpInsurrection #TrumpIsACriminal #FuckTrump #ConvictTrump

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@DonaldJTrumpJr @BillClinton was President for EITHER years and never started a war. BUT, your daddy, @POTUS45 DID start a war to overthrow our government and Country and you were a seditious part of it. Your daddy, murdered 400,000 people with #Covid_19 through neglect. #ConvictTrumpNow

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Pretty sure @laurenboebert "doesn't do" numbers. Except when maybe on her knees or #WTF that was about. #BidenHarris2020 #ConvictTrumpNow

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@LouiseMensch Yep does drumpf not realize that’s MORE motivation for Repugs to convict?! #ConvictTrumpNow #CapitolRiot #CapitolRiots #ConvictAndDisqualify

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Once a con man, always a con man.


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@RandPaul The election was legit. Stop telling lies. Stop creating an issue where there isn't one. #ConvictTrumpNow

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@GOPLeader @LeaderMcConnell @SenatorRomney @SenSchumer @GOP #ConvictTrumpNow
Intimidation and corruption are Trump's trademarks! Convict!

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@SenSusanCollins Trump has learned nothing! He learned in your voting not to convict him the first time is, I can do anything with no consequences. STOP HIM NOW! #TRUMPcannotholdofficeagain #ConvictTrumpNow

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PS -- NOBODY wants this scenario! @GOP Senators, you have the power to prevent this. #ConvictTrumpNow

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Tell Your Senators to #ConvictTrump

McConnell condemned Trump's actions in a Senate speech and said the mob was "provoked by the president."

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Trump jumps into a divisive battle over the Republican Party — with a threat to start a "MAGA Party"

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Trump lied about the election results. He pressured officials to illegally change the results. He incited a deadly insurrection. He incited terrorists to seek the murder of the VP & Congress members. GOP Senators: It’s grotesque to reduce his trial to a political calculation.

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Chansley's lawyer blamed Trump for "motivating" the mob to attack the Capitol building.

Tell the Senate to vote to #ConvictTrump here:

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Marco is a mess

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is calling for the Justice Department inspector general to investigate the alleged plan by Trump and a DOJ lawyer to remove the acting attorney general.

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA): "We need accountability, accountability for Donald Trump, and accountability for everyone who participated in that insurrection."

About "unity," Warren says, "Let me start with, how about if we're unified against insurrection?"

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Trump needs money, FAST!

With business loan repayments on the horizon and little cash available, Trump has got a plan

The Patriot Party, The MAGA Party, call it what you want, will bring in the cash Trump needs

The Art of the STEAL is ready to launch

Stand Back and Stand By…

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I hope all my 1.1M followers watch this explanation and retweet it right away. The argument it makes is crucial to our survival as a free, self-governing people 👇🏼

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There are about 46,000 +/- jobs in coal. There are 3.3 million people in clean energy.

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This is illegal in and of itself.

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14/ We must know why, as he watched the Capitol be attacked on January 6—threatening Congress and his vice president—Donald Trump was, per various media reports, "pleased," "delighted," "excited," "a little bit happy" and "borderline enthusiastic." What did he think would happen?

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