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And what kind of #ChiefsKingdom fan would I be if I didn’t put the Chiefs shrine right in front of my desk?

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👉🏾 A successful week is not accidental; it's planned out.

Stay planning right now! ☺️

#successtips #newweek #jjbirden

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@Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom check it out! @Charcandrick26 👀👀👀

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Sunday Night Chiefs First Take!
Free Agency, Draft, Strengthen Stars With @mattderrick

#Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom

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@NASCAR @ClintBowyer Soooo sorry @ClintBowyer next year our @Chiefs will return and win the SB #ChiefsKingdom ❤️💛

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Mondays with @MarkTheOverseer are back on tomorrow's #RTKpod as we play another game with free agents called "Break the Bank" where we talk about the top free agents at the #Chiefs' positions of need. Catch a preview of our discussion below.

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We know in the #FantasyFootball community some people want a Top Tier RB over a Top Tier WR or vice versa. So we want to know would you rather have Christian McCaffrey ( #KeepPounding) or Tyreek Hill ( #ChiefsKingdom) and build around them?

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#chiefskingdom just dickin around

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Need a title for my #Chiefs salary cap article #ChiefsKingdom which are you most likely to click on?
1. Is KC in salary cap trouble?
2. Brandt Tilis, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the salary cap.
3. Why KC's salary cap manipulation should give you a raging hard on

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I used to work in the games section. I can confirm the life sized Soul prize. I can also confirm that you don’t want to let the voyager water enter your mouth. #ProTip #WorldsOfFun #KCMO #VikingVoyager #Zulu #KansasCity #Chiefs #ChiefsKingdom #Royals #AlwaysRoyal

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Hey @ClintBowyer we heard what @JeffGordonWeb just said about our @Chiefs . Them fightin’ words! #ChiefsKingdom

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Full send Sunday! #ChiefsKingdom

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One of the good practices to raising your children is to NOT let the support Kaizer Chiefs 🤓
#Level1 #ChiefsKingdom

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Big win against the Broncos today! 78-9! POG goes out to Isaiah Simmons! He had 9 tackles, 2 TFLs, 1 sack, 5 INTs, and 2 TDs! #ChiefsKingdom #Pist2024 #InLutonWeTrust #TruzzPist

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Revivamos los mejores momentos de la temporada 2020 de Patrick Mahomes, ¡miren nada más la potencia en ese brazo! 💪🚀🎯

#NFLMX #ChiefsKingdom

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@OddsShark @cdotharrison Might wanna add the Chiefs on these odds... he IS chasing a ring, after all! What better place than KC? #CHIEFSKINGDOM

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@emceereach @teamiwinmca I have no tribe. Both sides are nuts.

Well... #ChiefsKingdom is my tribe. 😎

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How flocking dare TB12?! I know what happened. #chiefs won. The world hasn't figured it out yet. Few decades of being a die hard fan. Eff that effing piece of effing shat. I loathe him/her.
Damn I love my #ChiefsKingdom

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@Juan_Thornhill Me and my son believe in you brother keep grinding stay humble our PC of you is growing #chiefskingdom

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NFL Kansas City Chiefs Men's Alton Jersey, Team Color, Large #ChiefsKingdom #chiefsjersey

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Today we take on the Broncos and Coach Clownin. Big rivalry game! #ChiefsKingdom #Pist2024 #InLutonWeTrust #TruzzPist

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Chiefs would decline this so fast. Veach wouldn’t even respond to this personally. The decline text would be sent via first-week intern. Lol #ChiefsKingdom

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@ArrowheadAddict I’ll pass I think we need some new blood out their that won’t take off ANY PLAYS sorry but J.HOU has done that. I know we back to 4-3 but still he would have to drop back sometimes and sorry he’s a rotational player at this point IMO ! #ChiefsKingdom

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All this offseason talk got us thinking…

Absurd offers for untouchable stars.

Just for fun 👀

(via @Chris_Roling)

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Mahomes Magic will be back before you know it!

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No big deal. Just over here making our #SNL debut - repping KC!

Stand tall, Vikings!

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