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#CazzieDavid explores anxiety in a new collection of essays: "Hopefully I can make people laugh, despite being a product of nepotism"

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The essay "Love You To Death" in Cazzie's book is everything. <3

As an anxiety ridden 29 year old who lives with her father,
and lives in constant fear of his departure from this world...

I have to say Ms. David's book provides real comfort that I am not alone.


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#CazzieDavid shows what #LarryDavid would be like with the "funny" removed and the obnoxiousness dialled up to 23.

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#CazzieDavid explores anxiety in a new collection of essays ('No One Asked for This'): "Hopefully I can make people laugh, despite being a product of nepotism"

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Cazzie David’s next book of essays has already been released! To avoid being accused of nepotism she’s going by the pen name @chuckpalahniuk

#nooneaskedforthis #cazziedavid

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Hi my name is Whitney and if you can’t tell by social media I just want everyone to read this or listen to this book. #nooneaskedforthis #cazziedavid

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#CazzieDavid shares the trauma of modern life and being a child of Hollywood in debut book

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thanks for the quick reply, #CazzieDavid--i love @taylorswift13 SO MUCH!! Taylor's my #BRIDE, @Phantogram!! 😽💗✨ #IHrulestheworld

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According to #CazzieDavid book #NoOneAskedForThis I am happy to report that I am “Almost pretty.” 🗡🖤

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If you respond to a troll on the internet you are not stable no matter how stable your response sounds #cazziedavid

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@TMZ @realDonaldTrump wouldn't last 10 mins with #LarryDavid and would storm off.... so... go with the dinner... 😆new fan #CazzieDavid

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...wouldn't even land in a "Seinfeld" episode

Pete Davidson is his own man & seems to do quite well w/the ladies

#CazzieDavid seems to be a bitter ex who regrets splitting w/ #PeteDavidson & instead of completing her past creates fictional essays that are delusional & dishonest

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"His Body, His Choice" if #PeteDavidson chose to cover-up tattoos that he once devoted to #CazzieDavid who ended up dumping him, why not complete that chapter of his past by having those tattoos covered up.

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But that is hardly
"Attacked or Terrorized" as Cazzie David describes in her essays.

I think it is a cheap blow for someone who dumps someone then that someone goes off to date @ArianaGrande then as an artist yourself, #CazzieDavid creates fiction that ...

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Not sure which @Dictionary Cazzie David is studying when she describes an ex's decision to cover-up tattoos.

First of all, #PeteDavidson was dumped by #CazzieDavid so if she wanted to end things why shouldn't he be allowed to make his own post-break-up decisions about his body?

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#CazzieDavid eventually ended things, then told #PeteDavidson she made a mistake.

Cazzie David goes on to write that she felt "attacked & terrorized" by Pete Davidson's choice to cover-up tattoos that Pete Davidson chose to put on his body.

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In “No One Asked for This," Cazzie David writes that she & Pete Davidson were infatuated.

But #CazzieDavid says she struggled to convince #PeteDavidson that she really loved him.

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Cazzie David is the creator, writer & star of the critically acclaimed web series "Eighty-Sixed."

#CazzieDavid is a columnist at Graydon Carter's Air Mail & has written for @VanityFair, the @HollywoodR247, @GlamourMag, @InStyle, & @VogueMagazine.

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Cazzie David, the daughter of Larry David, has a book of essays coming out.

In it, #CazzieDavid tells the "real story" behind her breakup with @NBCSNL cast member #PeteDavidson & his subsequent relationship with @ArianaGrande

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I hear ya, Sarah!

I read #cazziedavid’s op-ed
on being “Too Full to F - - -”

Now, I just tell ‘myself’
that when I feel a #stiff
breeze comin’ on after
@benandjerrys time..!!


Can’t help if that gives
me a raised #politique
“Pitch of the old tent!”

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godammit I already masturbated today

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Reading #cazziedavid book on how the breakup with Pete affected her, You can imagine how it affected #macmiller. Right after the breakup with @ArianaGrande, he had that car accident and then that overdose. Can’t say it didn’t affect him

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#CazzieDavid is a true gem! Buying her book now after watching @KFCradio

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[ Chrissy Teigen :“ I’m going live with #CazzieDavid and @BookSoup in t-minus 30min! Please read, purchase, put on your ... ” ]
#KendallJenner #ChrissyTeigen #GigiHadid

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I would gladly pay to have this “book” unpublished.

The new #NoraEphron? 🙈

#CazzieDavid’s New Book Is Getting Dunked On via @nofilterpub

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I’m going live with #CazzieDavid and @BookSoup in t-minus 30min! Please read, purchase, put on your coffee table “No One Asked for This” immediately!!!!

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Doesn't sound like @AirMailWeekly columnist #CazzieDavid enjoyed living with her famous Dad too much - #Free #LarryDavid

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"Did we almost get through this interview without me fucking up?"

#Lorde interviews her friend #CazzieDavid.

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fuck yes, #CazzieDavid!! 😽💗✨

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This was a fun zoom call 🙏

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I just read (most of) the book of essays #CazzieDavid put out and was intensely reminded of when I used to do stand-up and would go for a laugh and get an "Awwww" instead and be thrown off by why more people didn't think it was funny that I was so miserable.

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@joangossips It was a fun, harmless, at times funny essay. Bravo #cazziedavid! Ignore the haters...

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My hot take for #NoNuanceNovember: you can, in fact, be too full to fuck #CazzieDavid

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From our Winter issue: #Lorde interviews #CazzieDavid.

The two discuss tabloid culture, casual sex, and being secret stoners.

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