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Here we go again with the "Marshall Law" business. You can definitely tell the #Parler rejects are back on Twitter.. smh.

@Eminem has already spoken:

Marshall's Law: "you need to get off the internet, you need to get you a life" - #BookofRhymes

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"I need to get off the internet,
I need to get on the mic,
You need to get off the internet,
You need to get you a life."🔥🔥
#bookofrhymes #Eminem @Eminem

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Your opinion’s like a broken calculator That shit doesn’t count...
#eminem #MTBMB #slimshady #shorthair #blueeyes #greyeyes #marshallmathers @eminem

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Bruh @Eminem #BookOfRhymes is crazy!!!

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Eminem - Book of Rhymes (cover by HOOKA) (Official Video)
#eminem #slimshady #billboard #sideb #music #bookofrhymes #hiphop

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This was a ryhming clinic from start to finish and if you forgot @Eminem definitely reminds you here that he is a GOAT Emcee!!! Check out my reaction to this lyrical homicide! #kraytv #DreamSquad #musictobemurderedbysideb #Eminem #bookofrhymes

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Since we all have been obsessed with #bookofrhymes here's what Eminem told about Dj Premier in the Shade45 Interview - 🇮🇹 ITALIAN 🇮🇹

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I don't smile, I don't frown, get too up or get too down (Nah)
I was here, so were you, you came and went, I stuck around (Yeah)
Still here now, stop me how? Your opinions like a broken calculator
That shit doesn't count
Shut your motherfuckin' mouth
#bookofrhymes #Eminem #ImStan

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Remix of Eminem's "Book of Rhymes" is up now on YouTube with a 1 take video!

#Eminem #BookofRhymes #remix #1takevideo

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Yeah, I used to wonder where my next meal's gonna come from

Now I just wonder where my next mil's gonna come from

#Eminem #BookOfRhymes

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I gotta say I'm really enjoying the new Eminem album #MTBMBSideB , favourite songs so far are #Higher , #Zeus , #Discombobulated , #ToneDeaf , #BookOfRhymes & #AlfredsTheme.

Have you guys heard it?

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This part of #BookOfRhymes 🥺 Eminem is the master of building verses into dramatic crescendos

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I just had this train of thought in my mind where @machinegunkelly really listens to #Bookofrhymes by @Eminem and realises the mastery that it is and that this man just literally wrote a story of his life from birth to what he's doing now. His whole life story on a song!🔥

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@Eminem Ups and downs. Don't think we missed that verse EM!
#BookofRhymes #SnoopCameNWent #BrokenCalculator #LOL

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Here is my #BookOfRhymes from @Eminem and by #MeToo Sherri and her #husband Ben for @cltbrad1 and @CLToronto Linda and Jessica and Jason

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@Eminem I want to congratulate you on your most recent album. I thought side A was my favorite, but side b is something else. #bookofrhymes #zeus #discombobulated and the others, bring out the best in you as always.

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T.Lucas #BookofRhymes vol. 98 “Happy New Years/2021 freestyle”
#newyearseve #NYE #2021 @ Garfield park

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Low sniper,
I hold the micro-
phone like a
loaded rifle
My dome's brighter,
all I spit from my skull is fire
All that's missing's a motorcycle with the chrome wires
spoke tires
And y'all are a flow biters,
so I don't gotta explain why they call me your ghostwriter

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Eminem x DJ Premier. That’s it. That’s the tweet. #BookOfRhymes

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Em needs to get off the internet
He needs to get on the mic
I need to get off the internet, I need to get on a Mac

#bookofrhymes 😇

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@artistof2010s @Eminem @ufc @DustinPoirier @TheNotoriousMMA Ahaha the hater @artistof2010s has just blocked me bc he couldn't face the lyrics of Book of Rhymes 😂. There is so much truth in them!
Well done, thank you @Eminem😘

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"If I suck your wife is a straw" ...
"She could suck a basketball through a plastic straw with a fractured jaw."
@Eminem #Zeus Those lines are in-straws mental. Instru-mental (instrumental) to the macabre.
#Gnat #BookofRhymes #MusicToBeMurderedBySideB

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