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No sh^t!
“Trump's Approval Rating Higher Than Biden”

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This tells you everything [ #martiallaw] [ #MilitaryControl] [ #bidencheated] .@JoeBiden [ #Military] [ #BidenAdministration] [#militarytribunals]

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@thejtlewis Either we are getting dumber as a nation of #bidencheated

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The installed President @JoeBiden has dementia...the far left is running the show!! #BidenCheated or rather the evil globalist along with China!!!

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@StrangerInASt11 @Preston_1224 @nytimes It wasn’t a “valid” election.. Proof has come out that CHINA even helped Xiden cheat..
#BidenCheated #DominionGate

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Still think Biden was the most popular candidate in history? Or maybe there should be a DEMAND to take another look at fraud..states have to store physical ballots for 22 months!!

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This would have been grounds for impeachment had it been President Trump. They’re still busy attempting to sell their lies, but C’MON MAN everyone knows #BidenCheated

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Erection Flawed #BidenCheated

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Wasting our time and money again - how about returning the 40 million you spent last time on Russian Collis hoax - you traitors! #BidenCheated #TrumpWins #Retweet #LeftistLosers #ElectionFraud

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@JoeBiden Stop the bullshit. All you are doing is taking care of other countries and people from other countries. You do not care about the people from America. No one will ever listen to you. You are a disgrace to this country. #NotMyPresident #bidencheated

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TRUER NOW MORE THAN EVER! #MAGA #PATRIOT #CONSERVATIVE #Bidencheated #AbortionIsMurder #AmericaneedsJesus #PrayForAmerica

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Wow, that makes me really admire you and your ideas. #bidencheated chose cabinet members by the color of their skin, (racist) or their gender (sexist) rather than their abilities. So intelligent.

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Enjoying the show yet?

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@carbonneau_mary @kelsientaggart @HowieCarrShow Ad YOU would believe that the world is flat if you heard or read it on the media!!! LOL LOL LMAO #BidenCheated #BidenLIES #BidenCrimeFamilt #ImpeachJoeBiden #BidenHarristoFAIL #BidenNOREALPresident #SHAMEonBiden

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These two have never put america first. Good luck.
#bidencheated #incompetent #GodBlessAmerica

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@MaryVought So @JoeBiden increases the minimum wage and then immediately makes American’s pay more for their necessary medications? That’s rich. 🤦‍♀️ @GOP #ImpeachBidenHarris #incompetentjoe

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Former President Trump makes first public comments since leaving office | Just The News

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Biden’s Opening Approval Rating Below That of Trump and Obama: Poll via @epochtimes

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Folloswed by Obamas..then Clintons..Bush's and then the Bidens to follow along as well...whats good for thee works for me...go get them ex-Presidents now folks...it is called for..a whole new can of worms has been opened.

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Yall got bamboozled

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Which certainly explains some things.

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First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visits National Guard troops stationed outside the US Capitol in DC:

"I just wanted to come today to say thank you to all of you for keeping me and my family safe ... The White House baked you some chocolate chip cookies."

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BREAKING: Not a single member of the White House Press Corps asked Psaki about the National Guard made to sleep in a parking garage

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I’m going to Shoprite and getting my nails done and then gonna post some Bernie memes on Facebook #RadicalLeftistAgenda

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Biden did not win a legal election, he cheated and everyone knows it.

Biden was not sworn in properly, before the time mentioned in the Constitution as well as he did not recite the entire wording.

How is he President?

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