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@jefsecondmbv @ProudSocialist IKR the very same ppl who ran w/ made up hysteria over #Bernie supporters are the very same ppl defending that swine #NeeraTanden lol typical

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From #Bernie:
The Dems simply did not deliver & it feels the same this time. I support #Bernie bc he has a generous heart, soul, mind and I so appreciate his persistence!

Any Berners still on here or am I yodeling in an echo chamber?

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Pieter Omtzigt = #Bernie Omtzigt

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What Made #Bernie’s Inauguration Photo Go #Viral?


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@thekjohnston @chloeattysatlaw #RunBetoRun
I swore,no $ to any politician, I'm 1,000 miles away from Texas,but Beto is a remarkable man!I will contribute.
Politicians like #Beto don't come around very often.
#Bernie #BobbyKennedy
They do/did above all others-hit the streets.Take action & help
Beto is a hero!

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Ma man #Bernie is one of the few US politicians who is not afraid of criticising #Israel

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Dropping some updates of your favourite trainees before tonight's episode! 🔥 #Ayu #Crayon #JiangJingzuo #JunLiu #Chuk #Vic #Wei #Bernie #Johan #YuYanlong

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@MarshallTrade @jaketapper @BernieSanders and WHY WHY WHY!!
love him or hate him he brings millions of supporters with him INTO the damn party.

I've voted dem always, but only JUST joined party BECAUSE #JaimeHarrison at DNC and #Bernie on SFC

If DNC can't work across the party how can it work across the aisle?

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They have #Bernie in bed with them (and the wife is CLEARLY A GENIUS)...🎶 I’m FOLLOWING 🎶

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Our very anti-sedition, anti-treason friends @OneFreshPillow are now less than 100 followers away from 70,000 followers. Retweet, tell everyone you know to follow them and let’s get them there by morning!

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Herr "tone".... old white guy #Bernie, with toxic followers who spread vicious hate tweets everywhere especially against women of color, doesnt like the strong woman of color's "tone".

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@MarthaFullerV1 @igorbobic @seungminkim @wapo Yes unworthy of @wapo but typical of @Politico who also have a boner for #Bernie

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Thanks for the party.
A great time was had by all.
Including #bernie.

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@SenSanders But they don't. So here we are. Again. And again and again & again. Idk how we would find the persistence w/o you #Bernie. God bless you.

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There is something inherently wrong with Republicans. They need to confess, repent and turn back to the LORD. Read "Trump Lies and Evangelical Christians" to see the problem. #resisters #WednesdayMotivation #wednesdaythought #COVID #warren #bernie #CruzFailedTexas

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This tweet should go viral. This is the height of hypocrisy. #resisters #wednesdaythought #WednesdayMotivation #COVID #warren #bernie

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@igorbobic @SenWarren lied to smear #Bernie. She attacked him by claiming he was responsible for the mean tweets some of his followers engaged in because she lied to smear him. Warren’s never called #Tanden to account for her #Antisemitic attacks on #Bernie, her corruption & her dishonesty.

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#Bernie step up and get on board to Bidens agenda passed. You have sucked at the Democratic Party's teet long enough. Time to pay the piper.

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We must have the guts to stand up to special interests, and fight for the working class of this country.

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@TheRickyDavila She dates back to the NY Senate run. She is one of HRC's biggest champions. There is NO WAY Biden was going to get an HRC nominee thru...esoecially with #Bernie as #Budget chair (not that I blame #Bernie).You can say what you want about her tweets, but this is the real reason.

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@kirkacevedo @JoeManchinWV #NoTanden for outing a sexual abuse survivor to protect the abuser, for physically assaulting a reporter for doing his job, for her #Antisemitic smears of #Bernie, for her history of corruption, conflict of interest & grift, for her commitment to austerity for everyone but the 1%

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@tplynch2 @jaketapper @BernieSanders Biden & Harris were installed by @DNC & @BarackObama. They rigged it with media complicity, including @CNN. #Bernie won the first three States & many others including California. The people rejected @POTUS & @VP. #Bernie pulled out to protect his campaign & public from Covid-19.

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#Bernie Sanders Puts GOP Colleagues On Notice Over Big Lies, Conspiracy Theories

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When are my peeps ever gonna stop complaining ?
Yes, we are owed but get the hell out and work.
Stop making us all look bad.

The rest will come.

#BlackLivesMatter #Wednesday #LosAngeles #Bernie

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We could've had Bernie; DNC didn't allow fair elections. No democracy. Hate nation more & more & peeps who are clueless about how nation really is, & worse don't care, though they have kids. It's too much for them, so they tune out. Poor babies! #Bernie

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Minimum Wage Maximum Rage (w/Bernie Sanders) via @Thom_Hartmann #RaiseTheWage #FightFor15 👏👏

#Bernie ❤️👏

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@CBSNews is reporting that @neeratanden is "The first big high profile failure for President Joe Biden" Is that true, Neera? You are the huge Failure, and not #Bernie bros like me? Say it aint so, Neera!

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It was also double standard to accuse #Bernie of mean tweets. Now the same people who accused #Sanders telling us that tweets would mean nothing

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#CampaignPromise for 'unity' #Biden *appeared* to make to #Bernie was to #FightFor15, AOT immediately ' #FoldOn15', #Forfeit15, #FumbleOn15'... IAC, a #FailOn15 forsakes millions of #LowWageWorkers (aka *potential* #DemVoters??) struggling just to get by amid spiraling #inequality

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I love Bernie. #Bernie..

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@Discobse Lapasia myös. #bernie

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As the occupying power, Israel is responsible for the health of all the people under its control. It is outrageous that Netanyahu would use spare vaccines to reward his foreign allies while so many Palestinians in the occupied territories are still waiting.

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People are starving,

People are homeless,

People are sick and dying,

Hey Ds, fucking get it done!

"Bi-partisanship" is DCspeak for rhetorical BS."

Ask #Bernie ... He's got road-map-2-relief.



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@ZevShalev That's how they do it,
isn't it?

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@maxthegirl @RPat360 Yep, all too familiar.

Let's not forget how Bernie put his criticism of Neera in his opening statement during her confirmation hearing.

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I am honored to have received, unanimously, the confidence and vote of the @RevereDemsMA . Their leadership and commitment to Democratic values is changing the game for the working class people of Revere. Thank you! #mapoli

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Whether you do or don’t like @neeratanden or her policy views, it’s obvious a double standard is being applied to her. Nobody who voted to confirm Grenell, a vicious internet troll, or Barr, who pledged to ignore ethics officials when he disagreed with him, has credibility here.

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Oh, now they all know what is on twitter.

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The crowds weren't as big as expected, but all the right people turned out!


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