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You’ve heard their music, now hear their story. By director Frank Marshall, HBO’s new documentary The #BeeGees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart, chronicles the highs & lows of Barry, Maurice & Robin Gibb & the evolution of their prolific career. Now on @HBO & @hbomax #BeeGeesHBO

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.@LeDoctor really went digging deep for his #beegeeshbo documentary, and the deeper he dug, the more gold he says he found.

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@HBO_Brasil @hbomax Vem aí o documentário Bee Gees : How Can You Mend a Broken Heart via @nerdtatuado #beegees #beegeeshbo

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Will be binging the entire @BeeGees discography for at least the next 24hrs #BeeGeesHBO ✌🏼thank you

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#BeeGees #BeeGeesHBO #BeeGeesDoc #BarryGibb #Greenfields docufilm and @GibbBarry new album two masterpieces , both awesome, just must see and must hear , you must have both🔝

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Andy Gibb looks like Heath Ledger but better.

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The new Bee Gees documentary on HBO is quality.

Them lads where so talented #BeeGeesHBO

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Enjoy @christylemire @ADuralde @Matchity in perfect harmony as we discuss the #BeeGeesHBO documentary HOW CAN YOU MEND A BROKEN HEART

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Yesterday I saw the HBO movie on The Bee Gees, although I was not a great fan. I have to say their song writing ability was amazing. #BeeGeesHBO

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It's a #MovieReview lightning round with Bill Newcott! Three new films to stream this month, including the new #BeeGeesHBO documentary.

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That new Bee Gees documentary is really good.

All the best.

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The GOAT cassette and they only needed one side. #beegeeshbo

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@GibbBarry How to mend a broken heart documentary movie
by The Bee Gees.
Critics rating 96%
Audience rating 94%
Source :-

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Thank you to everyone who has been raving about the #BeeGeesHBO documentary—Just gave it a go and was blown away!! So GREAT!

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Just watched the #beegeeshbo doc and my lord these guys were incredible.

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Vi el documental 'The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart'. Anécdotas buenísimas acerca de sus ascensos y declives, el ingenio en la producción de sus grabaciones y la relación fraternal/artística.

Thank you @GibbBarry for such a tender and fun documentary.


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Blamin'it all @edgarwright @BeeGees @BeeGeesFilm #beegeesdoc #beegeeshbo #beegees @GibbBarry @RobinGibb #mauricegibb #andygibb #maincourse #nightsonbroadway

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#BeeGees #beegeeshbo #BeeGeesDoc #HowCaYouMendABrokenHeart #BarryGibb #Greenfields #TheGibbBrothersSongbook #Volume1 both incredibile, both amazing , the docufilm awesome ,you will love it ,and Barry’s new album just a Masterpiece, get it and you will keep it in your ❤️ forever.

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Ever since watching the Bee Gees documentary, I can't stop listening to their Main Course album, and 'Nights On Broadway' in particular.

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@GibbBarry Congratulations @GibbBarry - well deserved! Have you heard "Forever Today", written by @RobinGibb and @AlistairGriffin ? Only released on Christmas Day 2020. Such a beautiful song...

#BeeGeesHBO #beegees #BarryGibb #robingibb #mauricegibb #NewMusic

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More than a documentary to me. Great watch...Great to see Universal Music’s Jody Gerson’s EP credit too. #beegeeshbo

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Fall 2022 can’t come fast enough. The Bee Gees movie casting is perfection! #BeeGees @andydick @LightsCameraPod #bradleycooper #joeypants @BeeGees #BarryGibb #mauricegibb #robingibb #beegeeshbo #beegeesmovie

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"How Deep is Your Love" is one of the most romantic love song of all times. Can't tell me otherwise.

#beegeeshbo #BeeGees #beegeesfanclub #70smusic

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I started a joke which started the whole world crying. - The Bee Gees

#beegeeshbo #beegeesfanclub #Australia

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Looks like the UK found a way to give him a hug! Great album! #barrygibb #beegees #beegeeshbo #greenfields

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I’m just speechless. Thank you all so much. ❤️

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#BarryGibb #Greenfields album released now , get it , enjoy it , love it #BeeGees #beegeeshbo #BeeGeesDoc

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The documentary ‘The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ might be one of the best music documentaries I have seen in a very long time. #BeeGeesHBO

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.@LeDoctor really went digging deep for his #beegeeshbo documentary, and the deeper he dug, the more gold he says he found.

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#Greenfields serves primarily to remind you how deep is our love for the idiosyncratic classics that the @BeeGees created
@kentucker @NPR @nprfreshair @GibbBarry @davecobb7 #BeeGees #beegeeshbo #beegeesdoc

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Talked on today's @nprfreshair about the @hbomax Bee Gees doc and Barry Gibb's new Nashville album:

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Brilliant documentary on one of my favourite bands: The Bee Gees

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@CBSSunday @GibbBarry Watched it last night. So nostalgic, recall the words to all of the songs! Line that Barry has “more years behind“ him than in front of him, was jarring, crazy reality for so many #beegees fans. #beegeeshbo

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To get a better perspective on the #BeeGees for his documentary, director @LeDoctor sought out other successful musicians, and he told us why that was a must for him. #beegeeshbo

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Aunque no son de mis años los #beegeeshbo es algo que quería ver desde hace tiempo.

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@jtimberlake @AppleTV Much respect to you for giving such a great tribute to the @BeeGees.

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I’m watching this #beegeeshbo documentary, and it is absolutely freaking me out, how many amazing songs these guys created. Also, I am incapable of functioning due to THIS MAN looking like this.

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Holy shit!!!! Staying Alive is actually just a drum sample from Night Fever?!?!? Wooooooooow!!!! #beegeeshbo

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I was today years old when I learned that Disco was born from the underground LGBTQ nightclubs in the 60s and 70s #BeeGeesHBO

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@brooklyncowboy1 I just finished watching that documentary an hour ago. The best part is when producers were working on the soundtrack for Saturday Night Fever. Production on the film had only just started and in less than a month the Bee Gees turned in this demo tape. Are you kidding me?

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‘The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart’ Review: The Enthralling Documentary They Deserve

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