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Paul Chryst: "We've got some guys playing their last year of college football so absolutely it's been worth whatever inconvenience it may be." #Badgers

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#Badgers Paul Chryst was asked about development of WRs AJ Abbott and Taj Mustapha. Said both have missed practice time recdntly. Mustapha played late Saturday; Abbott did not travel (because of missed practice time).

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Paul Chryst says he's hopeful for one if not both of Kendric Pryor and Danny Davis to play Saturday, but Pryor is the more likely of the two. #Badgers

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Paul Chryst said #Badgers will find out during the week if Danny Davis and Kendric Pyror will be back against Minnesota.

Said Pryor is closest to returning.

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Happy Thanksgiving week! Just added a new photo to my office wall in Kellner Hall. Fitting message for today & for 2020 #KeepFighting #Badgers

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Hoping the #Gophers have some tricks up their sleeve for #Badgers. #BeatBucky #WeWantTheAxe #RTB #SkiUMah

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@JayT23 loved watching you play yesterday. While I’m a packers fan, however a huge #Badgers Fan it brought a smile to my face to see how successful you are in the league!! #OnWisconsin

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A #Badgers hoops story from earlier: Aleem Ford and D'Mitrik Trice have come a long way from back in the day when they were spring signees. Player development remains a staple at UW.

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We have been working closely with our local charity Kirkless Badger Protection Group and today they are having an auction. #stopthecull #badgerprotection #Badgers

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After the MASSIVE football fraud that occurred yesterday in the #packers #colts game, and all of the illegal points counted in the #badgers and #northwestern game (we won bigly), we will be sending rudi guiliani to illinois and indiana to investigate. #massivefootballfraud

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Where do the #Badgers stand in the latest bowl projections following Saturday's loss at Northwestern?

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The #Badgers are two days away -- hopefully -- from starting their 2020-21 season. Here's a closer look at every opponent on UW's schedule.

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The #Badgers are 21-4 on Mondays since 1963 but dropped their last game, a 3-2 overtime loss to Penn State on Feb. 25, 2013, that was the final game of the Nittany Lions' inaugural Division I season.

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Petition: Ban the shooting of #badgers immediately

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Of 2,212 #Badgers games since 1963, only 25 have been on a Monday. No. 26 is today against Penn State at LaBahn. Read up on how UW is trying to keep pucks away from its net:

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Badger Basketball is back this week 🙌

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Who knew I am personally responsible for preventing the #Badgers football program from reaching the next level? Such power. 💪

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@NUFBFamily As a guy who grew up in Wisconsin and appreciates the #Badgers, I get tired of the same old tired excuse - it's us, not them. At some point, no it's them. It's the Cats. Owning the #Badgers makes me very happy. Thank you.

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@jaypo1961 Well we lose to Illinois and NW then or some other mediocre team every year - You're the problem and you know so do your job - Also, at least I had a solid HS sports experience - Made WSJ Honorable Mention and TH All area team. You did nothing and now you're a big reporter.

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@620wtmj @UWBadgers @BryanJDee At some point you're going to have to stop saying its not them, it's us. Kinda tired of my alma mater playing well, competing late in Madison last year, winning at our place most years and never getting credit. It's always you. Suck it, Badgers. #GoCats

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I'll have @Badger_Blitz's weekly 3-2-1 installment done later this morning before Paul Chryst's availability at 10:30. Oh yeah, we have basketball season starting up this week. Here's my look at the #Badgers big men, who could pay huge dividends this year

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#Badgers hoops: D'Mitrik Trice and Aleem Ford were spring signees who came to UW as relative unknowns. They developed into integral parts of a championship team and could be better this season.

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Heavy shot yesterday in practice so a new cage on game day. @BadgerMHockey #Badgers

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College hoops season is set to open this week. Here is a quick look at the type of team the #Badgers could have in 2020-'21.

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#Badgers AM rewind: Some thoughts on Graham Mertz and Jack Coan.

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#Badgers drop to No. 18 in AP poll:

Loss at Northwestern shows lack of depth at WR:

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What dissapointed you the most from over the weekend? #Packers #Badgers #Bucks #DeerSeason2020

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Tough weekend for state of Wisconsin football fans... uggg...

More combined turnovers than I've seen EVER between these 2 teams. So uncharacteristic. Can't win if you turn it over, 4, 5 times.
Better luck this weekend! We need you more than ever!!!

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Well, this should be fun.... join @BJ_DeGroot & @Brian_Butch for @bjandthebearwi

617- Weekend Whip-Around
635- #Badgers mess in Evanston
651- #BestTweet
717- @bscottwrn
735- #Packers audio Rodgers & LaFleur
751- Still not on of the Big Boys...


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The @BartWinklerShow is on the air NOW!!

#Packers fall to the Colts, #Badgers fall to Northwestern, How are we feeling this morning?

@GaryEllerson 7:00
@ByRyanWood 8:20

414-799-1250 @RDCSports

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Tonight & tomorrow night 6:00PM ET

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AMSTS #B1G Computer Rankings for Week 12:
8) #Northwestern
14) #Buckeyes #OSU
24) #Badgers
37) #IUFB
41) #Hawkeyes
54) #Purdue
58) #Terps
79) #Gophers
85) #GoBlue
92) #Illini
97) #GBR #Huskers
104) #Rutgers
109) #Spartans
122) #PennState
See all:

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What was the most surprising over the weekend? #NFL #Packers #Vikings #Badgers #NCAAfootball #CFB #GoPackGo #SKOL #NFCNorth #NFLSunday @dapperdavec @JDaguanno101567 @WiscoGrant @hunterbonair @KQ98Tony @NSUCoachSchmidt @UWLCoachJanus @Bill_Michaels @RadioJoeSports

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Caught on camera! Our vaccinated badgers looking healthy. ⁦@BadgerTrust@DerbysWildlife#stopthecull #Badgers

— sunartfields (@sunartfields) November 22, 2020

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#badgermonday🦡🦡🦡🦡Yippee our auction kicks off today, hopefully the money raised we will be able to protect another badger sett in Kirklees. To bid go to ‘Jan’s Auction for KIRKLEES BADGER PROTECTION GROUP on Facebook.🦡🦡

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what a stinker of a weekend for Wisconsin sports! put it all behind us and move on! #Bucks #Badgers #Packers

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Fall off?

Get right back on the lion...


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After Tom Cruise’s divorce from Katie Holmes, many of the dark truths behind their glamorous facade emerged—but less known is Tom’s disturbing behavior when it came to his daughter Suri.

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